Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Here!

I was only expecting to get the bed today but he surprised me by going to the extra effort of making two trips to Thomasville to bring everything home instead of making me wait until next week. He said he did it to get out of Sex... Sex and the City, that is! I asked him to go see it with me tonight but he said he'd rather push 900 pounds of furniture up the steps - Ha!

Getting the new bed was the perfect excuse to pull out the new linens I bought for summer. The light summer quilt I picked out has little blue seashells embroidered on it - so Beachy! I've been waiting for just the right bed and I finally found it! And, look how it matches the dresser and nightstand I picked up a few years ago in Hickory, NC - Perfect!
Of course, as soon as the duvet was on Bing had to come fuzz it up!
I wasn't sure I'd like the TV off the wall but now that I'm sitting 
in bed watching it I find it's actually more comfortable at eye level. 
It will take me a while to stop looking up at the ceiling for the time 
and channel though! I need a bigger TV that fits this armoire better
so that's on the agenda for tomorrow. Getting this piece up the stairs 
was no fun but now that it's in place it was so worth the trouble!
Bonus! There is a little storage space where I can 
keep my body washes and movies
Of course now he says we must paint the bedroom because it 
would make the new furniture pop against the walls. I am so 
anti-color on the walls (and he knows this!) but if there is a 
shade he can convince me will look better I'll let him paint 
Here is the bed without the duvet - just the summer quilt

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