Sunday, May 11, 2008

Suddenly the sky Opened up!

I stepped out onto the deck to take a quick peek at the new raised veggie patch and suddenly the sky opened up and it began to pour! Fortunately for me the umbrella was still up so I was able to wait it out without being soaked to the bone!
Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, corn and basil for two
After Mr. Porter died last summer and Mrs. Porter put their house
on the market we knew our days of being able to use their vegetable garden were 
over and that we'd have to eventually come up with our own. For four years we 
used the Porter's garden to grow all kinds of yummy things. Part of the fun, besides all of 
the great produce we managed to harvest, was seeing how much Mr. and Mrs. Porter 
enjoyed seeing their garden back in action. Mr. Porter was always quick with advice about 
what worked for them when they were still able to tend the garden and Mrs. Porter was always happy for the company whenever we dropped in to water, pick or weed. But now they're gone and we've been forced to move farming to our own property. I wasn't willing to give up too 
much of the yard so this little spot he picked out in front of the deck is perfect!
Strawberries and more Basil
This little squirrel ran across the yard and up the 
tree after a loud clap of thunder that made me jump too!
He can't seem to decide which direction to Go but
I'm staying under my umbrella

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