Monday, May 26, 2008

Cooking leads to Shopping...

The way Parades in Thomasville lead to furniture shopping!
Thomasville Furniture. Thomasville, North Carolina
I'm a big Fan of their Outlet store. This is truly one of the
perks of living in this area of North Carolina. The very best
furniture at prices that simply cannot be believed
This piece and its price reminded me of another Memorial Day when we
stopped in at the Outlet after the parade and found our Ernest Hemingway
china cabinet here. Retail on it was $8,995 - but we paid only $695. Love it!
And then, from across the room, I saw it... The white-washed bed
and bedroom armoire/entertainment cabinet I've been looking for
From the Felicity Bedroom collection!
And, this is why I love the Thomasville Outlet store...
Retail on the bed frame = $3,474, outlet price $495 - What!?
Oh, and because sales in the name of Memorial Day, Labor Day
and Veteran's Day irritate me I told the sales person NOT to
discuss with me the reason she was taking 20% off the price today
$3,480 for you - $495 (less 20%) for me
If I had a spot for it, that lovely Tiffany-teal sofa would be mine!
Brandon and I got Goofy at the register

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  1. CRAZY insane price and a BIG HUGE----I'm JEALOUS!!!

    Really I have SO much furniture in my house that my dad made, but I never got around to having him make us a bed - Allison's bed is a PB style bed, and Heather's is a gorgeous 4 post bed.....but I have an ugly old brass headboard.......Janet this is an unbelievable price!!


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