Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

While I slept this morning someone wonderful was in the solarium putting together my Mother's Day present. Of course, this gift benefits Snow the most! However being able to enjoy her while she enjoys her new cage is my Gift!
It's quite the Upgrade for her. I believe the Spa tub with view
overlooking the park sold her on relocating!
When I called to order this cage the woman asked me what
kind of birds I had - When I told her I had a parakeet she
said, "that's one Lucky parakeet!"
I've never clipped Snow's wings so she's making
great use of the 41" interior flight space this new cage affords her!
My Fairy garden is now in Bloom. And, since it's raining
there is water in the birdbath too! I love the boxwood and ground
phlox that's growing through the little Arbor gate
Looking at this new cage I realize now that Snow needs a friend... I recently read where parakeets can live to be fifteen years old, which is why I bought this larger cage in the first place. I figure now that she's probably going to last a little longer than the Goldfish my father got me when I was five that lasted only 12 hours, Snow may as well live comfortably, if not in style. Also, I read that keeping a single parakeet is cruel since they are very social birds. Cruel? Ouch! But in my defense, I only went in to buy a new cat brush three years ago and somehow
I ended up leaving the pet store with a Bird! But I couldn't help it... As I was leaning over to pet the bunnies this albino Parakeet popped up out of the open bin next to the rabbits and attached herself to my sweatshirt. The whole time I wandered through the store looking for a cat brush this bird was snuggled up to me. So I had no choice but to buy a cage and everything else she needed to come home with us. Honestly, I never imagined she'd last this long - let alone fifteen years! And, had the choice been mine, I think I might have preferred a more colorful bird. But again, I wasn't doing the picking. Hopefully, when I go to select Snow's new friend this week I'll have something to say about who comes home with me. Of course, maybe I should just take Snow so she can pick out her own new friend - Goodness knows she has excellent taste!
That perch is obviously meant for a bigger Bird!
Snow looks Pretty happy up there!

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