Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting to Bryan Adams through Three Dog Night...

So I crawled into bed last night (with a fabulous new haircut that he didn't notice) and asked if I could buy tickets on Friday to see Bryan Adams for the show he's doing with Foreigner on July 19th in Charlotte and he said No, because I refused to go see Three Dog Night with him next week. What!? First, I do not know who Three Dog Night is and second, when have I ever been inflexible about anything he's wanted me to do? Wait! Don't answer that... But seriously, I don't remember being asked about this one at all! That must have happened while I was sleeping or he was dreaming...

I am not a concert go'er, but I do love Bryan Adams and for him, I'd be willing to brave all the uncomfortable things I so hate about concerts (crowds) to see him play - I'd even sit through some has-been, one-hit-wonder act from the 60's?, 70's?... (I don't know, help me out here!) if that's what it takes. So the first thing I did this morning was call to find out how to score a couple of Three Dog Night tickets for next week. To my surprise (not really) I learned from the venue that there are plenty of tickets available and that regular people can still get decent seats for $75, each; however, the man explained, "for folks willing to pay double" there might still be seats available in the VIP section that will be located directly in front of the stage where guests will be served wine, cheese and appetizers at tables of eight. Now, I don't drink wine and cheese that's been fondled on its way to my plate excites me even less - however, being seated at a table in front of the act, away from 8,000 screaming meemies all singing Three Dog Night tunes is my way to see a concert! But, the man explained, in order to get such VIP accommodations I would have to call the Piedmont Wind Symphony office directly. Okay! So I called the number and am happy to tell you that VIP seats were still available and I was quite successful in snuggling up to the woman responsible for the seating chart because I got two seats at a round table of eight FACING the stage - Yes, I am always thinking!

As she was explaining the hoops I needed to jump through to secure these seats (bring a personal check for $250 to her office by 5 o'clock, blah, blah) I told the lady that I sure hope this is a show worth seeing since I've never heard of Three Dog Night. She laughed and said that the Piedmont Wind Symphony alone and someone named Arturo Sandoval, who is also performing, are both well worth the price of the tickets. Then she said I must be too young to know who Three Dog Night is because they were very big in the 70's with a hit called, "Joy to the World", which I didn't recognize until she serenaded me with, Jeremiah was a Bullfrog.

It's not so much that I'm too young to know who Three Dog Night is (but I'll take it!) - it's more that I grew up in Germany in the 70's and if Wolfman-Jack didn't play it on AFN radio from 9-midnight, Janet didn't hear it! But now that I've Googled Three Dog Night I do recognize other songs, such as: An Old Fashioned Love Song, Shambala, and Momma Told Me (Not to Come). So at lunch I rushed my check over to the Piedmont Wind Symphony office. There I got to meet my little Song-bird who confessed that so far, I'm the only one she's had to sing a few bars of Three Dog Night for!

Any way, I've decided not to tell him he's going to see Three Dog Night until he notices my new haircut. In the meantime I hope he doesn't decide to, "surprise" me with tickets!

Nevertheless, this is one way to Bryan Adams! And, those tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10AM so please, Wish me Luck!

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