Saturday, May 10, 2008

Triad Farmer's Market and More

We started the day out early at the Triad Farmer's Market in Greensboro. We picked up strawberries, tomatoes, more hostas and a gorgeous Japanese Maple tree - Some of the many flowers offered at the market:
Note the green Japanese Maple there because in a minute you'll see It again!
Smells like Summer!
Climax Tomatoes
I was picking out Strawberry plants when this cutie popped
up out from under the display
And for the rest of our time at the Nursery she followed us around
One of the workers told me they lost ten fountains when the 
Tornado came through here on Thursday night

Across the street you can see more of the damage
We saw Lots of downed trees all around the Farmer's Market
An outhouse we found in High Point
Note the sign: Slow - Men Working
Hard to believe, given this inventory, but I could not find 
the right St. Francis statue for my Garden here... And I looked!
On the way home we stopped at the Briar Patch 
garden shop in Winston-Salem for basil plants
Back at the ranch... More blooms on the pond Iris 
today and the hostas have doubled in size this week
The pond Iris we divided last year and planted 
near creek bloomed today too
My fish were happy to See me this afternoon!
Poof! More Wisteria and azalea Blossoms on the arbor
There she is! That Japanese maple from the 
Triad Farmer's Market has a new home - I know it 
doesn't look like it in this picture but she's perfectly 
centered on the living room window - Lovely!
Don't feed the bears!
I was in the Garage when the ducks showed up! Not 
at the pond - Oh, no! They came up to the garage to find me
and ask for some food! I grabbed two scoops of cracked corn 
and they followed me all the way back to the pond. Amazing!
They must have been hungry because they 
usually don't come this close

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