Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday in the Garden... Ah!

My hammock-nap was interrupted this afternoon by Mr. and Mrs. Quackers announcing their arrival and need for a snack
By all means allow me to get up and serve you...
While I'm up, let me feed the fish too
What do we have here?
More new Peonies!
Last flush of Azaleas
How did I get so far away from my Spot?
Look at the trees... I love trees!
And more Trees
And Foxgloves! Look how high the Salvia is now - There will 
be hummingbirds here in No time!
The deck pots have Exploded
Bing wants to come Outside too - Not a chance!
More pot Explosions - Lambs ear, Cala Lilies, Coleus and more
This is the little Jade I brought home from Wilmington - She loves her new Spot
And I love this Spot too!  All I need is more Time to enjoy it...

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