Thursday, May 8, 2008

A couple of Things I miss and a couple I Don't

My parents never cease to amaze me! At 66 (dad) and 67 (mom) they both have the energy and stamina of people half their age. Their latest life-style improvement project would challenge even the most experienced do-it-yourself'er, and yet my parents managed to pull it off in a weekend. My dad's brilliant design and his flawless execution make their new Deck a stand-out. I would say my parents have the energy of teenagers but since it is almost noon and mine are still in bed, I can't...

Nevertheless, I am constantly amazed by my parents and ever so thankful their blood runs through my veins because I know it's the source of all the ambition and energy I feel every day.

Bravo, Mom and Dad - Well done!

After - View from garage out to the back yard - I love their hedge!
Project Complete
Seeing this project I am reminded of the things I miss most about living in California and owning the house six doors down from my mom and dad... First, I miss my parents like Crazy. Second, LOOK AT THAT CON HART REDWOOD - Gorgeous! No redwood to be found in North Carolina, unfortunately. "But Janet, the fence around your pool looks like Redwood." Why, yes it does, and thank you... But that's because it's been stained to look like Redwood. No redwood for me here. Poop!

Seeing this project also reminds me of the things that I do not miss about living in California and owning the house six doors down from my mom and dad... LOOK AT THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR and notice HOW CLOSE IT IS! I couldn't stand to live like that any more... Sharing a fence with five other homes and being able to hear the neighbors slide their shower door open and closed was more than I could stand. Missing mom and dad is #1 on my list of 11,403 things I miss about leaving California; however, being able to twirl around my backyard in my Underwear without being seen and not hearing Mrs. Holder tell her sons to flush the toilet is, simply Priceless!

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