Thursday, May 8, 2008

Loving Thursday... No storm Yet!

Thursday is like being next in line for something really, really Good! Friday comes next and that's my favorite day of the week because Monday seems so far away... 

We are currently under a severe thunderstorm warning and there is a Tornado watch posted for our area too. I love spring thunderstorms and rain showers but I am happy to do without anything that may cause damage. Before the sky went dark I took my walk and saw:

Peonies! I remember calling this the, "Ant flower" when I was 
 a little girl in Kansas because they always started off as big 
balls covered with Ants! I never gave the Peony another thought until it 
popped up as one of her favorite things in Oprah's magazine a couple of 
years ago. The arrangement featured in the article was amazing so I 
had to have them in my garden. And, now I do! 
This purple Lupine was in a pot on our deck last year - This year, put out
in the right spot, it has tripled in size and look at those Bloomers!
Foxgloves are my Favorite thing - Here is a fine example in front of the Solarium
This rose provides a lovely view from the Solarium and my kitchen window
Now that's Azalea!
Looks great in both directions
Our neighbor told us these are as Old as the house
The Wisteria and Grapes are popping out all over the top of the Arbor
Coming up from the bottom are Raspberries - The birds usually get
them before I do!
The pond Iris bloomed today!
Vegas, Reno and Freckles coming up for a Snack
This is my favorite Fern

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