Friday, April 11, 2008

Wilmington Azalea Festival - Finally!

Although we've been to Wilmington many times since relocating to North Carolina, (because who can live without being near the sea every few months?) we've never made it to the annual Azalea festival - Well, today was the day and I must say, it was worth the effort!  Come with me as I take you on the tour of the first 6 gardens we toured today - Five more to go tomorrow, along with a visit to Airlie gardens.  

Remember, you may click on any image to view full size and feel free to liberate any of my photos you'd like to keep.  

The theme of the Azalea festival is Belles and Blooms - Here you see one of the Azalea Belles
This is the stunning garden behind the house
Another Azalea Belle
Someone needs a Haircut!
A darling little turtle flanked by azalea blossoms in a birdbath
Governor Dudley Mansion (Built 1825)
McClain Mansion (Built 1884)
Fountain at Dudley Mansion
Now that's a porch! Lovely Federal-style architecture - the Dudley mansion sits on a 
substantial corner lot with a gorgeous view of the Cape Fear River

Dudley Manse gardens and river view

The Biblical Garden, First Presbyterian Church of Wilmington
Woodrow Wilson was born in Wilmington and at this Church his father 
was the pastor. The crape myrtle tree you see in the center of the Jerusalem 
cross in this garden was planted by his mother, Janet. Only my husband would know 
that Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke during his presidency and that 
unbeknownst to the American people, his wife acted as President for almost an 
entire year. That's what you get when you marry a garden enthusiast who is also 
a serious History buff!

Wilmington's historic Downtown
In Carmel you pay for a bag of Spanish moss, but in Wilmington it hangs from the trees!
Oh! We saw Azaleas too!
Pot man
I loved this wall fountain
At almost every garden neighborhood we toured there were children selling lemonade 
but none were cuter than this group! The little boy told us he was doing this to raise 
money for people that don't have any - Too cute!

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