Sunday, April 13, 2008

A few Finds!

We could not have enjoyed this weekend in Wilmington without the help of our sweet neighbor, Pam. Pam picked William up from school Friday afternoon so that we could get an early start, and knowing she was available to help William if something happened at the house was piece of mind one just cannot pay for... So when I saw this candle holder engraved with a poem about friendship at a gift shop in Southport, I knew it was the perfect way to thank Pam.
At the gift shop on Kure Beach Pier I found the sea shell you see on the tall stack of books on my desk. The shell below it is one I picked up 15 years ago at a shop in Carmel - All the shells I have collected remind me of a special day spent near the sea, and they look good on my desk too! This trip also allowed me to add a few new postcards to my postcard carousel...
Starfish and a Sand Dollar from Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey

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