Saturday, April 19, 2008

What I found on my Walk today

Before I begin this post I want to share with you this photo below. What you're looking at is our California back yard. Notice the fence, please because that fence was shared with five neighbors who were all jammed up around us. When we bought the house there was nothing in the back yard so the beautiful redwood deck, sod lawn, trees and all the plants we installed was a huge improvement. Nevertheless, this yard could do little to satisfy the brilliant garden fanatic I married. So we said Bub-eye to this and...

Hello to this...
And this - Here come the azaleas!
A red Azalea too
The yellow rose on the Arbor has popped out like Popcorn
Someone's been very busy today because I came out to
find all the paths looking quite refreshed

There are a couple quiet little spots to watch the birds, squirrels and chipmunks play

And this isn't even all the property - there is more
on the other side of the creek
Now this is a yard!
We make a fine pair, Mr. Bridge and me, because he's
as good at maintaining the Outside as I am at maintaining the Inside!
Only one neighbor and the only Fence is the one
we are required to have around the pool - It's a Good thing!

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