Sunday, April 13, 2008

Orton Plantation Gardens

Our visit to Orton Plantation Gardens today was by far my favorite part of the day. The plantation's magnificent home, chapel and gardens was really something to see.. The long walk was easy and there were so many surprises and places to stop along the way... Here, let me show you:
(above) Scroll Garden
(below) Urn at the end of a quiet path
The Colonial Graveyard
Where King Roger Moore rests
Leaning tree - Are we in Pisa?
The Live Oaks on this property are amazing - This was my favorite garden
This milky white statue and sky-blue pool is gorgeous
Scroll Garden and Belvedere
Orton House 1725-1840-1910
Originally one and a half stories, built in 1725 by Roger Moore. Its three foot thick brick walls were said to have been loop-holed for firearms, as it served as a fortress as well as a home. In 1840 Dr. Frederick Hill, a later owner, added the second story and columns. During the War between the States Orton House was used by Federal troops as a hospital and thus spared the fate destruction. In 1910 James Sprunt, L.L.D., and his wife Luola erected the wings to make Orton House a perfect example of antebellum Southern architecture. Today, Orton House is a private residence occupied by three of the Sprunt sons.
Luola's Chapel
Inside Luola's Chapel
There will be a wedding here this evening... These tables lined both sides of the path
A bride would soon will walk through this door...
Look, there she is now!

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