Sunday, April 13, 2008

A little Azalea Festival of our Own!

While the azaleas in Wilmington are on their way out for the season, our azaleas are just getting started! What a nice surprise to come home to our own Azalea festival... No paid admission required to tour this garden!
That old White dogwood sure is gorgeous
More purple Azalea
The view from my home office gets better every day now that the trees are coming back!
This Japanese maple in a pot on our deck actually came from the Japanese maple in the
front yard. About two and a half years ago it was a one-leaf sprout... 
Now look at it!   
The yellow rose on the Arbor is just about to Pop
Well, Hello there!
I love this Tree, and look at the English boxwoods - they are full of new growth!
Our pink and white dogwoods are putting on their Spring show

And the hostas by the pond are back! Won't be long before the ferns join them

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