Friday, November 30, 2007

My first Experience...

Last night was my first experience going out to a Sports Bar and I must say, I enjoyed it! Okay, my first experience at a sports bar in twenty-two years... I wasn't counting all the time we spent at Mr. K's and Brother's in Aggieville in Manhattan at K-State when I was a teenager!

Any way, the Dallas/Packer's game was only broadcast on NFL Network, via Direct TV last night and since I won't have satellite, seeing the game meant going out to where the game was. But it worked out okay... We found a fantastic place nearby - nonsmoking, clean (newly opened this summer), bright and best of all, they had 34 screens, and most of them were BIG! Heaven...

I was one of just a handful of Cowboy fans there so thankfully, Tony and the boys kept the large Greenbay crowds fairly quiet all evening! I cannot tell you that I wouldn't have preferred to watch the game snuggled up in my jammies; but all in all, this was a great experience. One we'll probably have to repeat on 12/22 when Dallas comes to Charlotte to beat, I mean play, the Panthers!

Have a terrific weekend - Go Cowboys!


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