Sunday, November 25, 2007

Because more turkey seemed wrong...

I woke up this morning to Ina Garten's show, the Barefoot Contessa running on Food network... She was making her chicken piccata with herb roasted onions and mashed Yukon gold buttermilk potatoes for Jeffrey, her husband, who was on his way home from the City.

Seems Jeffrey must have roast chicken every Friday evening for supper, otherwise the weekend just doesn't start off right... But this Friday would be different because Ina was surprising him with her piccata recipe instead.

So if it's good enough for Jeffrey to reconsider his rigid stance on roast chicken, well then it must be good enough!

The buttermilk mashed potatoes are worth the extra effort of dragging out my food mill (mine is from Martha's line) and running out for a little buttermilk. I don't care for wine so I left it out of the piccata sauce. Otherwise, this was a great meal. Quick, easy with very little prep required.

And, yes, it does look like schnitzel, which is why I intend to make this again using veal very soon!

For the complete recipe (and pictures) go to:

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love your site, you're too funny. my sinus infection is back so the last 4 days were spent being relatively miserable. I do need to ask though.....
    What were you thinking using anything but real butter (preferably Lurpak)when making pizelles????? My dear friend who has so much taste it exudes from every pore, you would even assume that there might be a chance that they would come out??? tsk, tsk, tsk. Other cookies look great. I can't wait for my subscription to midwest living starts. by the way, the schnitzel is looking really good. talk to you later, lub, caroh


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