Saturday, November 24, 2007

I take it ALL back!!

I love them! I've just had one, then two of my German butterdream cookies and I love them!

They really improved overnight and now I want nothing more than to recommend you bake them too!

Now that the cookies pass, I want to experiment with the recipe a little... First, I want to see what happens when I use real butter instead of margarine. Then, I want to see if I can mix it up a little by substituting hazelnut extract for the almond extract called for in the original recipe. Anise extract might make it a more interesting cookie too! I haven't quite decided if I want to replace the cherries with nuts, chocolate or another dried fruit (apricot?) but I think the possibilities might be fun.

Any way, I take it all back what I said last night - Just as it is or modified a bit, this recipe is a keeper.

I do hope you try it... There isn't an easier cookie recipe I've found.

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