Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Friday!

Bing poked on my face at 5AM and I couldn't get back to sleep so I knew rather early that today was going to be a long day! We have dinner plans tonight so it's not like I will get to bed early to catch up. Plus, I want to go to the cat show in Jamestown at 9AM in the morning so I won't be sleeping in tomorrow either. I am looking forward to the cat show though... I've never been to a cat show so I'll be happy to let you know all about what I see!

Ordered my turkey this morning - Thankfully, Sonya asked me to help find her a fresh turkey, which reminded me I had yet to order mine! I called the only place to call, Fresh Market and ordered one of their yummy birds. My first instinct was to go for the Bell and Evans brand they offer because it's more expensive per pound; however, after the guy warned that the Bell and Evans is a free-range turkey so the meat is darker and tends to taste more, "gamey" I knew this was one situation where less expensive was probably better.

I have my confirmation number and an appointment to pick up our bird the moment they open at 8AM Wednesday. This of course means I'll have to prepare my honey brine either the night before or super early on Wednesday morning because brining takes 24 hours and I want to be ready to pop Mr. Turkey-bird into the oven by 10AM on Thursday. This will require a little organization on my part but fortunately, organization is my middle name.

I do hope you're having a super Friday and that your weekend is both relaxing and fun!

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