Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I did it!

I ordered Chickens for February delivery!

This means that you-know-who better get cracking on those chicken coop plans I keep leaving on his desk...

I am SO excited! It was so hard to choose my chickens but I finally settled on Silver Gray Dorkings and Pearl White Leghorns! Check out all the cool chickens at: http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com/

The bottom photo you see are my Silver Gray Dorkings - they are a very old breed, known even to ancient Romans and were introduced by them to Britain. They will be large birds on short legs and both sexes of this breed have a 5th toe!

Known to lay the most and best quality eggs are the Pearl White Leghorns (top picture) so I've also ordered a couple of them too. Livability and resistance to disease are very high with this bird, so while I may be taking a chance on the Silver Gray Dorkings (a rare breed), the Pearl White Leghorns seem more fool-proof, which for a first time chicken keeper like me, might be a good thing!

Seeing all the breeds available makes me want to buy a farm and raise chickens for a living... Or at least play with them! I just hope they don't stink. Oh! That's what you-know-who is for, he'll clean my chicken coop and make sure my chickens don't offend my senses...

Now I can't wait for February... I just hope the neighbors like eggs!

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  1. Janet, Janet, Janet,.......what the heck you gonna do with all those eggs. Make Pizelle's? HA HA HA! (Just had to say that). Well, I think that thats just a cool idea and dare I say 'southern' thing for you to undertake, being you have neighbors. Your gonna have to take pic's the first time you wake up and they have gotten outa the chick house, or the pile of feathers from YOU shooting one of the roosters when it wakes you up at Oh-Ungodly-Thirty in the morning.(I remember the stories of the neighbor mowing his yard from your California days). I truly am happy for you and I know your gonna have fun with this, but are they gonna scare away all the other wildlife you have running around? I know Terry will love the free fertilizer. That reminds me, I have a brother in law that just started a chicken operation, but he's doing 20,000 every 10 weeks. Now that's an odor that will keep us from visiting them anytime soon. Love you, Carroll


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