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Biltmore Celebrates Fashionable Romance - Wedding Gowns in Film

Hello, there! Thank you for your kind response to my last post! It is so
nice knowing that you are still reading along and that we are still friends;
despite the fact that I do not update my blog nearly as often as I used to!
Like so many, this post is also long overdue but comes to you now courtesy
of your fellow reader and my friend Andrea, who asked via her comment
on my last post if I had any more photos of our visit to Biltmore during
their Fashionable Romance, Wedding Gowns in Film exhibit. And...
As luck would have it, I do! In fact, I loved this exhibit so much
that we attended twice! So just for you and Andrea, of course...
Sit back, get comfy and walk with me through my beloved Biltmore
as we discover Fashionable Romance and Wedding Gowns in film!
As with all my Biltmore posts, I will do my best to take you through
my photos in the order you would see the house on a tour of your own...
As you can see, Biltmore was decked out for a wedding in grand style;
evoking the magical air of love and romance that no doubt filled every
corner of this splendid home on the wedding day of George and Edith's
The winter garden was equally as beautifully decorated as the foyer...
With the exception of our visits to Biltmore at Christmas, I
must say that the winter garden never looked more lovely!
Just around the corner from the winter garden to the right...
Is the billiards room with its elevated bench seat on this side of the
room, which gives those watching an eye-level view of the table!
Just through the billiards room is the dining hall, where we finally
get our first look at gowns and costumes from the film, The Duchess!
But before we look at the gowns in this room closer... Look up!
Way up!
Honestly... Have you ever seen a more graceful,
dramatic and beautiful display of Spring flowers?
I loved these arrangements from every corner of this grand room!
Not to be outdone by the spectacular arial
décor was this display over near the hearth...
The Gown and wedding suit worn by Keira Knightley
and Ralph Fiennes, also from the film The Duchess!
Off the dining hall is the more intimate dining room used by the Vanderbilt
family and where we find costumes from the 1995 film, Sense and Sensibility...
Where proud Mr. Darcy reluctantly finds himself
falling in love with a woman beneath his class... Sigh.
I have been a huge fan of Colin Firth and Alan Rickman ever since!
Nominated for Best Costume Design, indeed!
Just between us... I lingered here for a while...
Just outside the dining room is the sitting room overlooking the majestic
blue ridge mountains and where we find these gowns from Howard's End!
Don't hold it against me but I have yet to see that film!
I do not even have a good excuse to offer... After all, it is my favorite genre; which,
is anything set in Edwardian England involving families hung up on their class!
Nevertheless, the film is now on my list!
Coming down the tapestry hall on our way to Mr. Vanderbilt's
library, we found costumes from the film, Wallis and Edward...
Like the film, a bit underwhelming for me...
However, the room that never underwhelms me is this library!
It is honestly my favorite room in the house!
And, where we find the gown worn by Helena
Bonham Carter in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein!
This gown belongs in this room!
But if you asked me which gown was my favorite...
It is without a doubt this one from Bertie and Elizabeth!
It's breathtaking in its simplicity and elegance...
From every angle!
At the top of the stairs on the second floor we see gowns from...
Pride and Prejudice!
Another of my most favorite films
and this was my favorite wedding suit!
Another film I have never seen is Emma...
But again, another incredible wedding
gown. This one worn by Gwyneth Paltrow!
And, he's not bad either!
I love how most wedding dresses seem to
be even prettier when viewed from behind
No gowns featured in Mr. Vanderbilt's bedroom; however, I thought you might
like to see it anyway... Side note: I am hoping to live long enough for Biltmore to
finally offer a tour that includes Mr. V's personal bathroom. I am a huge fan of old
bathrooms and kitchens... So seeing the round marble tub, with its claw feet that
we can only see in that mirror strategically positioned there is high on my list!
I thought I might get to see it during the tour offered during
Food Blog Forum. But no such luck. Anyway, you have
to admit... This is quite the handsome bedroom!
Here in Mrs. Vanderbilt's bedroom we
find two lovely gowns from the film Hamlet...
First, this striking purple dress...
And there, this gorgeous wedding gown!
Between their bedrooms is the area where Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt
met for breakfast and where Mrs. Vanderbilt wrote menus, invitations
and other correspondence to the many guests entertained at Biltmore
It is also where we find another portrait of her and costumes from
the film, Out of Africa featuring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford!
I cannot remember one of these plaques that did not mention
a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Costume Design!
It is so easy to see why!
This is another room where Mrs. Vanderbilt spent a great deal of time. It is in this
room where her daughter was born and where Mrs. Vanderbilt could sit in the small,
enclosed balcony overlooking the expansive lawn and fountain at Biltmore's entrance
Just down the hall from the nursery is the music room and where we
find gowns from the 1988 film, The Deceivers. Another film I missed!
Also in the music room is this pair of costumes and if you look
closely at the plaque, you will see a very young Hugh Bonneville, whom
we all know from Notting Hill (Bernie) and of course, Downton Abbey!
Speaking of Downton Abbey, I have a little secret to tell you at the
end of this post I believe you are both going to love and hate me for!
Hate me because I have neglected to tell you before
now... And, love me for finally getting around to it!
But mostly, I hope you will love me!
No gowns to share with you from the basement gym...
Or the swimming pool...
But there was this one from the film, Tess in the gift shop!
Which is sadly where our tour ends. I do hope you enjoyed  your
excursion into Biltmore's Fashionable Romance exhibit! Now, about
that secret I have to share with you. It is about another exhibit we
attended last year... It was so exciting, we went three times. Ready?
I know what you are thinking...
But, yes! Just prior to its conclusion, Biltmore hosted what was most
correctly described as an exhibit of The Exquisite Costumes from the hit
Masterpiece series, Downton Abbey. So, here is a glimpse of a gown
I leave you now reluctantly; however, also on the promise that there
will be a post for you about this amazing exhibit and our recent cruise
adventure to Alaska soon. Until then... Thank you for spending this
time with me. And, please... Do let me know what you think!

If you are planning a visit to Biltmore and/or Asheville and want to
see more highlights from our visits there, just click on any of the bolded
words Biltmore in this post. And, if you have questions... Just let me know!


  1. Glad to see you blogging again. The Biltmore is on my "bucket list" for one of these days. In particular...I would like to see it in spring...the gardens call my name. But the "Winter Garden" room was beautiful!

    Love all of these costumes!! The backdrop really sets them off beautifully!

  2. *sigh* Who doesn't love romance? Thank you for the beautiful tour, Janet!

  3. Oh my how beautiful this tour was!! Thank you, Thank you for posting it!! I truly loved seeing it with you being the guide!!
    You need to see Emma, it's gives you a chuckle here and there. Andrea

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