Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Change!

When I mentioned to Ranger and a few of his Ranger brothers a couple
of weeks ago that I would be removing the stickers he put on my Jeep and
my Army Mom license plate frame, they told me, Once an Army Mom,
Always an Army Mom, Mrs. B! And, while I appreciate that very much...
I believe once they leave the military, only they have the right
to display the insignia they've earned. Because for them it
is most certainly true... Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger!
As for me, I'm perfectly happy to embrace the happy change...
And, to go back to being just plain Mom!
And, until The Captain sends me a new Monterey
license plate frame, my old one will do just fine!


  1. We appreciate the sacrifices of you and your family.

    Love the new sticker.

    Cottage Making Mommy

  2. You have never been a plain mom. WONDERFUL, HELPFUL, LOVING, INCURAGING, etc.,
    Mom, but never a plain mom.
    love ya,
    Toni xoxo

  3. I totally understand why this is a good change for you Janet. I am so pleased for you that you can do this and that the next phase of life is starting for all of your family. xx

  4. No such thing as "just plain Mom", Janet! I agree with the sticker change; that was the first thing I did a year ago, when my Army musician took off his uniform after 6 years. It doesn't diminish that they served, it's just time to get back to some worry-free days. <3

  5. Nice to walk by the rear of the car and know you are able to somewhat slip back into anonymity.


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