Saturday, June 14, 2014

Me... A Sous Chef... Who knew?

It's Saturday, which means I was at the Farmers' Market early
to grab some of our favorite breads from Camino bakery!
However, this was no ordinary visit to the Winston-Salem Farmers'
Market this morning because today, I came packed with my knives,
apron and towels to work as my friend, Nikki Miller-Ka's sous chef
during the taping of her bi-weekly Farmer's Market, $20 Challenge!
Above we see Nikki shopping the vendors for ingredients for
the dish she's about to prepare... And, below you see my
handy-work to prepare all those goodies as Nikki's sous chef!
As soon as my prep work was completed... It was Show Time!
Every two weeks, Nikki is challenged to spend only $20
at the Farmers' Market to buy enough ingredients to create a
delicious and satisfying meal, capable of feeding a family of four!
So far, Nikki's met and even exceeded that challenge every time!
People line up for samples... And, for good reason! Working
with Nikki and her amazing production crew was a real treat!
Now that I'm home though, it's time to put this beautiful Camino Bakery
bread to work for the sweet man that just finished cleaning my pool!
He always tells me... Nothing fancy, just a plain ham sandwich!
Silly boy! There's no way to create just a ham sandwich when I have
the finest bread in town and, the best pickles known to mankind!
And, he knows it!
And best of all... He never complains!
Speaking of the best pickles known to mankind... If you haven't
already tried Farmer's Garden pickles by Vlasic, you must! In
fact, if you click here you'll find a $1.00 off coupon just for you!


  1. I LOVE the stuff that Nikki cooks! I watched the taping a few weeks ago, but today was graduation, so I went to Cobblestone instead.

  2. How fantastic was this Janet!!!!!!! What a great time you must have had. Did you get to appear on camera as well? I am sure that you must have been the best sous chef that they had working with them ever! xx


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