Sunday, June 1, 2014

Campfire Confetti Potatoes {Black Gold Farms Better With Reds #SummerFood #BetterWithReds}

As promised in my last post for my Oma's Authentic German
potato salad, here... This weekend, I'm sharing another one of my
favorite summer side dish recipes using Black Gold Farms' beautiful,
nutritious and delicious red potatoes I call my Campfire Confetti potatoes!
Now, before we begin with this recipe I want to remind you of
the Black Gold Farms #SummerFood #BetterWithReds prize
give-away... So if you haven't already entered, go do that here first!
Don't worry, you won't miss anything... Piggies and I will just be
washing up these gorgeous potatoes and peppers while you enter!
Thanks for entering... Glad you're back! Now, before we get cookin' I
want to tell you about my Farmers' Market adventures yesterday!
As usual, my first stop was the Winston-Salem Farmers' Market
where I picked up my favorite Panini breads from Camino Bakery!
Then, I moved over to Cobblestone, the Farmers' Market at Old Salem
to dash over to the Meadows Family Farms stand, where I picked up amazing
uncured beer brats last weekend, for some of their sweet sopressada salami!
It was the perfect addition to our lunch munch-platter!
After cruising through the market, I took
a quick peek into the Old Salem gift shop...
Where I found a little something to take home!
Then... After lunch, we decided to make a run for the border!
Where I knew I'd find the best peppers for my Campfire Confetti Potatoes!
We love this produce stand just outside of Cana, Virginia!
Not only do they offer fantastically fresh produce...
Their plants are pretty great too! When we first relocated here
from California we stumbled on this place and bought five, 2-gallon
rhododendrons to disguise the propane tank we installed for the stove,
oven and the gas fireplaces. Today, those same plants are 11 feet tall!
But it's not plants I'm after today...
Like the produce, gas is also less expensive in Virginia so we
always make it a point to top off our tank on the way back home!
Thanks to Black Gold Farms, I didn't need any potatoes this trip!
This produce stand is literally like being in a candy store!
It's a one-stop shop...
With a little bit of something for everyone!
From southern favorites like Hoop Cheese to Dried Apple Pies!
With my peppers picked, it was time to make our
way back over the border and get home to cook!
It was a beautiful day!
By the way... This is Pilot Mountain, just outside
of the town Pilot Mountain, NC. Or Mount Pilot, as it
was often referred to in the Andy Griffith show!
Once back home, I couldn't wait to begin dinner!
My Campfire Confetti Potatoes are super easy to make... Which makes them the
perfect Summer Side Dish! What you'll need: 3 pounds Red Potatoes, one each;
Green/Yellow/Orange and Red peppers, one Medium White Onion, two cloves
Garlic, chopped. Plus a pat of butter, olive oil, salt and cracked black pepper!
Boil Potatoes until done and quickly quarter...
Salt and pepper and toss with a drizzle of olive oil...
Now this is usually where I would tell you to fire up the grill. However,
as you can plainly see, it started to pour just as mine got warmed up!
Nevertheless, we'll just have to pretend we're grilling over a grill or
a campfire here in my kitchen... But only until the storm blows over!
Melt some butter in a cast iron skillet and
add the garlic... Then, sweat the onions!
After the onion becomes translucent, add your red potatoes...
Cook on low/medium heat uncovered for ten minutes, stirring only
once half-way through. This helps achieve that crispy-goodness on
some of the side surfaces of our potatoes. Better known as what
we appreciate most about eating really good skillet potatoes!
After ten minutes, toss in your peppers and whatever herbs or
seasonings you prefer. Depending on what you're serving with these
potatoes, you might choose more garlic, fresh basil, rosemary or even
sage... Especially sage for pork! However, since I'm serving these
potatoes with grilled chicken I've added a little ranch dressing mix!
Guess what?
The storm has passed... So out to the grill we go!
Can't you just imagine how yummy these potatoes would be served
with eggs for breakfast during your next camping trip? I sure can!
Served family-style on a large platter out at the
campsite, outside on the deck or by by the pool...
I think my Campfire Confetti Potato
recipe is a #SummerFood side-dish winner!
I hope you try them!
Thanks again to Black Gold Farms for the gift of potatoes
and the pleasure of participating in their BetterWithReds
#BetterWithReds, #SummerFood summer-time campaign!


  1. *drool* Those look amazing! I always love your pictures :)

  2. How simple, yet so scrumptious! My Randy is a huge fried potato man, and I have no doubt he'll go nuts over these. They are already on the menu for sometime this week! Thanks, Janet.

  3. Delicious Janet!! You really are such a great cook I can almost smell these coming through the screen! xx


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