Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summertime in North Carolina!

This should be me on this Saturday afternoon...
But it's not... Because everyone knows only bears swim in the rain!
That's right... It's another rainy weekend in North Carolina!
While today's forecast does not favor pool fun, it's been a long time
since our gardens have been this lush and green so close to August!
Moisture like this is terrific for the gardens; however, our creek has not been able
to handle heavy rains the way it did before a developer came in and altered the
landscape of this little valley we live in. Now, rain like this makes us very nervous!
Fortunately, the rain is slowing down now so things are calming down!
That wasn't the case earlier today...
As evidenced by this large log stuck in this tree!
When we lived in Monterey, I always wished our house was
closer to the ocean. For twenty years I longed for a water view...
However, now that our once babbling creek has turned into something
resembling Six Flags' roaring rapids and, there are waves breaking
so close to my tranquil little koi pond, I'm rethinking the whole thing!
Even my Chippy is struggling to stay high and dry!
I hope the sun is shining where you are this weekend!


  1. Hi Janet

    So sorry to see all that water rushing past your house again. I can't imagine how scary that must be. I hope that someday there is a solution as it must be horrid for you.

    Looks as though bear is having fun floating in the pool all by himself. Bears are so laid back they don't care about the rain!

    Keep dry.


  2. You're right--my gardens look great. The leak in the roof does not.

  3. Oh Janet the garden looks amazingly beautiful. However the rushing water so close to the Koi does not. I sympathize with you about all the rain keeping you from enjoying the outdoors at this time as we also have had an overabundance over the last month. Nearly every day we have had rain. Hopefully the rain will move to areas needing it desperately. I am enamored with your gardens' beauty. Chippy looks like he could use a friend in all the rain. Hope your foot is healed soon and you can navigate with ease. Before we know it the leaves will be turning and putting on such a display it will render us speechless. Your photos of Fall color give me such joy and I'm sure others feel the same. (I haven't seen a photo yet that I didn't like.) Until then lets all bear with Mother Nature and trust her infinite wisdom to do her job, hoping she won't let the creek rise too high in the process. Thanks for sharing the beauty around you with your followers.

  4. lots of rain here too (not that far from you!) I'm ready for the sun! haha


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