Friday, July 12, 2013

Marbled Sugar Cookies!

My dear friend David and I seem to be
on a roll lately... Pun partly intended!
Yesterday I told you about David's Heirloom Sugar Cookies and today I
want to share with you David's Chocolate Cookies I discovered last February!
After popping the top off a new can of Guittard cocoa to create that luscious
chocolate cake for Ranger's homecoming I found it difficult to put it away...
So the following day, while Ranger and the one were touring Biltmore
estate, I spent the afternoon playing with David's chocolate cookie recipe!
And, by playing...
I mean marbling!
I'd just finished cutting out 360 cookies to donate to the BIKE MS bake sale
at work and had a disk of my sugar cookie dough I didn't want to go to waste!
So I mooshed the two together to create marbled sugar cookies!
Moosed is a technical baking term...
Just in case you were wondering!
Marbling sugar cookie dough almost makes decorating my cookies unnecessary...
I said almost... Let's not go crazy here!
I wish you could have smelled this
dough and these cookies as they baked!
The whole house smelled like chocolate all day!
I'll explain my need for dog bone cookies to you next week...
For now, just go with me on this one!
I was a little nervous about how these cookies would bake up since my sugar cookie
recipe has baking powder in it and David's chocolate cookie recipe doesn't...
Thankfully, our recipes are much like David
and I in that they play well together!
As it turned out...
I was the only problem! Now, broken cookies aggravate me to no end;
however, broken cookies happen to thrill a certain master gardener I know!
Plus, I needed a taste-tester... And, what I heard was these cookies rock!
You must try David's chocolate cut-out cookies soon so pop over
to his blog for the recipe... Oh! And don't miss his post soon
about how to turn them into a chocolate mint sandwich cookie!


  1. Marbled sugar cookies? You are a genius! I MUST try this:)

  2. These look fantastic Janet! I haven't used Guitard Chocolate how does it compare to Ghiradelli?

  3. I'm a huge fan of David's chocolate cookie recipe! I made them for Valentine's Day and they were a huge hit! I love the idea of the marbled cookies. A must-try!

  4. Your cookies are amazing as always!!! It's so nice to see that my recipes work, but I'm not surprised because you're such a fantastic baker!

    Love Love Love working with you, brainstorming with you and "chatting" with you.

    YOU ROCK!!!!


  5. Susan, the short answer is there is no comparison! Guittard chocolate is a true baker's chocolate. The depth of chocolate flavor is truly endless, it is rich and sinful and everything you imagine premium chocolate and cocoa to be. Leave Ghiradelli to candy-dish chocolate. For baking, you'll want Guittard! :) xo

  6. Thank you, Sue and Nancy - It was fun! I hope you'll try it too! xo

  7. David... One word, sir... DITTO!


  8. This looks really yummy! I can't wait to try it out :)


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