Thursday, August 1, 2013

What I saw while sitting on my butt today!

Instead of returning to work this week, my doctor decided to side-line me
for an additional three weeks to ensure the progress I've made to heal my
Achilles tear continues. It was a classic good news/bad news discussion...
He said, looks like keeping you off your feet to heal is working...
However, we're not quite there yet. I argued my case for going back
to work but it did no good... And, I've never felt so stuck in all my life!
My doctor also told me to begin wearing the cast in the house. When I told
him we don't wear shoes in our home and the cast gets dirty when I wear it
outside, (like a shoe) he told me to wash it. When I told him I was afraid I may
fall down the steps because it's so bulky and heavy, he said, move slower... So
the next morning I put on the cast on as soon as I got out of the shower and
slowly made my way to the stairs where I immediately... Lost my balance!
And, fell right down the stairs! Fortunately, I did not fall head-first. Instead, I
fell backwards, hitting my back against the upper steps behind me. Now, my
back is all black and blue and my hand is bruised from where I grabbed the
railing to stop from tumbling further down the steps! Nothing like a case of
whiplash and bruises to make one forget about their Achilles tear troubles!
On the bright side, I had the cast on so my right foot and ankle are fine
and dandy. Other parts of me look like the cat on this get-well card I
received in the mail just after my fall! Somehow the people that love
me always know what's going on and, what it takes to cheer me up!
Take Army dad for instance... He knew it was time for fresh roses in the
living room but that I wouldn't be going to the market any time soon. So
he brought these home with dinner. Not the color I would have chosen...
But I love them and him all the same!
Speaking of nice things my friends have done for me lately...
Check out this fantastic stainless steel work table SpaBoy gave me last weekend!
He knows I decided to keep my commitment to donate 400 cookies to the BIKE MS
charity bake sale happening at work next week, despite being in a cast and having to
do everything either sitting down or on one foot - So he thought this would help!
And, he was right! As soon as it was set up in the kitchen I got to work
printing off the custom tags I designed to attach to the cookie bags!
Along with the work table, SpaBoy brought me these
hand-crafted glass flowers to add to my deck garden...
Aren't they lovely?
I think so!
Speaking of friends... This morning my friend Nikki, you may remember
we met at Mixed last year... Well, she called to ask if she could help with
the BIKE MS cookies too! Fresh off her win at the Corn Shucking Contest
last weekend, I cannot wait to see her and hear all about it! I'm hoping
she'll bring me one of her award winning brownies too. See here!
I've so much to do... I really should have been more productive today!
However, after falling yesterday I can barely move... So I decided all I
would do today was sit on my butt out here on the deck and observe!
What I observed before I got my camera was a chipmunk that was
perched on top of St. Francis's head and a squirrel that climbed into
the cage around one of the tomato plants. I even saw him pick one!
Prior to witnessing this brazen act of thievery, which took place right
here in front of me, I assumed the fact that we've yet to harvest one tomato
this summer was the fault of the raccoon family that lives in our forest!
I had no idea squirrels ate tomatoes until I saw one
carrying off a little green cherry tomato like it was a nut!
Who knew?
Not only has my down-time here on the deck served to
keep me off my feet and safe from stumbling over
my cast again, it's been rather educational too!
All day I watched a mommy bird fly back and forth from this
birdhouse by the pool to feed her babies, which by the way, I
can hear them chirping all the way from my spot on the deck!
I imagined she was watching me all day too...
Wondering why that lazy human hasn't moved!


  1. So sorry to hear about your accidents. Get some much deserves rest. Glad your friend is coming to help. Hugs Valerie

  2. Hi Janet

    I am soooooooo sorry. I think it's me, I think I put a jinx on you. You have caught my falling over disease! I thought after my three falls (out of the hammock, off the sofa, in the bathroom - when I bashed my head on the doorhandle!) I was clear of it, but I think I passed it on to you.

    Please look after yourself and take good care because those cookies need you and so do all those garden critters, because I'm sure that if the head groundsman catches them eating his veggies he will not be impressed so you have to protect them.

    Your right, I am mad, but I do hope that you get to being back to your usual Janety self soon. Glad to see that your friends are looking after you and the glass flowers are of course fabulous.

    Take care.

    Amy xx

  3. Janet,
    Hope you get well soon! Your blog is wonderful!
    Happy Weekend!

  4. I hope you feel better...I know exactly how it feels to be "on your butt" I broke my foot last year falling down a flight of stairs (I could not walk for 2 weeks!!!). BTW, thank you for shipping the circus cutters so quickly. I love, love them. I wish you a speedy recovery. Jan N.


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