Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thanking an especially Sweet group of Patriots!

The concern and compassion shown by the people I work with at the
dream job for the Ranger never ceases to amaze me. Rarely does a day
go by that someone doesn't ask about how he's doing or where he is...
Of course, he's always on my mind but knowing other people are thinking
about him too helps in ways that's truly difficult to put into words...
I was five and my brother was four when our dad went to Vietnam. One of the
things I remember most was how mom would encourage us to color pictures
she'd include with her letters to our dad. I couldn't help but remember that
when one of my coworkers stopped by to deliver a package that her three
children put together. Inside was an envelope full of pictures from them and
from her son Brett's kindergarten class that also contributed to the cause!
Meredith, Brett and Laney first asked their mom if they could send Ranger
and his battle-buddies their allowance... All ten dollars they had saved up!
Selflessness like this from kids is comforting, to say the least...
Especially when your own kid is on the other side of the world...
With unhappier things on his mind...
So to thank Brett, his sisters, Meredith and Laney and Brett's teacher
and kindergarten class at Cash elementary school in Kernersville...
I baked! And, what better way to thank these sweet young patriots
than with Sweet Dani B's super-cute bunny in hat cookies!
Because the truth is... Magic Happens when people care!
I am humbled every day by how many people do care...
And, by how many of them go out of their way to ensure I know it!
It makes all the difference sometimes...
Especially during deployments!
As I read through the class names...
I couldn't believe there's a Dani! I'm always inspired by Dani's
unique designs... In fact, her Love Birds reminded me that a
few Valentine's Day decorations is what these bunnies needed!
Look! There's even a Ranger's name too!
I sure hope Ms. Boughman gives me a gold star... Because
fitting her long name onto this cookie took special effort!
Thank you, Meredith, Laney...
And, Mrs. Walter. And, of course, dear little Brett too!
Ears to all of you and the special way you care!


  1. What a wonderful post!! And what a wonderful thank you. The personal touch with the name on each hat is perfect! I love seeing your cookies. They always inspire me. (as your deer cookies did earlier this year). I need to order some new cutters and get to work. I still can't wait to see that cute scottie dog and easter eggs.

  2. Janet, what sweet drawings from the children! Those are absolutely precious and your Ranger will love getting them! (I remember sending letters to my dad in Vietnam, too. He went twice. It was many years later I discovered he had kept every one of them.)

    The bunnies in the hats are precious!!

    Prayers to you and for Ranger. <3


  3. The sweetest group of kids deserve the sweetest thank you cookies ever!

  4. Those drawings are so heartwarming. Your treat was a surprise. Didn't see the hat at first. :) The decorating couldn't be any better. Very nice job. Better then very nice. Great cookie cutter!

  5. Dear Janet,

    When I took the cookies into the school this morning, Ms. Walter cried. She said that it meant so much to her that her kids really had an impact. She also said that if Brandon deploys again she would love for her class to be part of writing to the guys. She took the opportunity to tie it into Veteran’s Day and also teach the kids about where they were and what they were fighting for. She is a good one! Thanks again!

  6. Dear Mrs. Bridge.

    I received the cookie thank you
    :-) it was delicous! You were right the nose was freaking awesome!


    Sent from my iPad

  7. These children are to be commended for their willingness to take time to show their appreciation for Brandon and the military protecting us here at home. You are so very kind to show your appreciation in return with your generosity and wonderful baking skills. Bless you all.


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