Saturday, February 23, 2013

One step closer to my very own baking pantry!

After nearly two weeks my Valentine's Day tulips remain
as beautiful as the day he brought them home to me!
While my new baking pantry was being trimmed out and painted I
busied myself in the kitchen pulling everything out of drawers to
organize and decide what should be tossed and what needs to stay...
Half way through this exercise I was told I may need a bigger boat!
Eventually though, we went from this...
To this today!
Tomorrow, after the paint has dried and cured and the doors
are put back on, I'll be able to load up my new baking pantry!

To see the completed project, click here!


  1. It looks great! Are those lights the kind you stick onto the shelf? If so, where did your wonderful craftsman get them? I bought some stick-ons today at Lowe's and the magnet won't stay stuck to the underside of my cabinets so the lights keep falling off. I even tried using super Gorilla glue. I may have to call in a professional after I take these back and find something that will stay put. I can't wait to see your finished pantry!

  2. This is such a great and functional use of that hallway space. The new baking pantry is looking wonderful and you are going to love it!


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