Friday, February 15, 2013

Remembering Bing...

Remember those kitty-cookies I delivered to Bingee's veterinarians
and their amazing staff just after he passed away? Well, I received
a thank-you in the form of this letter I thought you'd like to see...
It touches me very deeply that a donation was made in his name
to a very worthy memorial fund so that other pets may live...
I cannot think of a nicer way to remember my sweet Bing!
I could talk to you all day about how much I miss him. Today marks exactly
three months since Bing died and tears still accompany every thought of him...
And, while I'm very happy to provide Leo with a home and, delighted by how
completely bonded he is with Army dad; the truth is, Leo doesn't love me one
tiny bit. I cannot pet him, let alone hold him without risk of being bitten on my
arms, hands and even my face! There is effort in the way he bites too. It can't
be mistaken for playful nipping. When Leo bites me, there is always purpose
in the way he adjusts his bite just before he clenches his jaw closed to dig his
teeth into my flesh. Of course, I mostly stay away from Leo for this reason;
however, it's difficult missing Bing the way I do. I very much want to love,
pet and cuddle another cat the way Bing let me moosh on him. So knowing
that Leo isn't that kind of cat has been a huge adjustment since Bing left
me. It's especially disappointing and hard not to take personally, when you
consider how affectionate Leo behaves toward Army dad. He cannot sit down
without Leo being immediately on top of him and he can't walk around the
house without Leo following him or plopping down like a speed-bump
hoping to be petted. And, when he leaves the house, Leo stands on the
edge of the desk with his nose pressed against the window in the door that
leads to the garage, making the most pitiful crying noise you've ever heard!
While Bing was still here, there was a certain, a cat-for-me and a cat-for-you
dynamic. However, now that my Bing is gone, it's clear there is no cat for me...
Which makes me very sad. Of course, I think about adopting another
cat all the time. But considering Leo's strong alpha-male personality, I
am very reluctant to introduce another cat. I mean, it's one thing that
Leo beats me up but it would hurt me even more if he beat up on some
poor, innocent kitten or even an older cat that is less feisty than he!
For now, I guess I'm just doomed to miss my Bing and, to be even
more grateful for the love and companionship he provided me during
his all too short, eleven years. As for the donation made in his name, I
appreciate it more than words can say. During Bing's last year with us
he was plagued by an illness we still do not fully understand. It is very
meaningful to me to know that this donation will be used to support
research that might help treat and cure diseases that diminish and
shorten the lives of all our beloved pets in the future. To learn more
about the VT Veterinary Memorial Fund, visit their giving page here  


  1. I totally missed the part about Bing passing away! I am so sorry for your loss Janet. And sad that Leo doesn't seem to care for you which leaves you cat-less. Maybe some day there will be a way to incorporate another kitty into your loving home.

  2. Have you tried using food to bribe Leo into liking you? Years ago I was apartment roommates with a girl who had two cats. One loved me, the other thought I was the Devil. One day I gave the evil cat a little bit of scrambled egg and he took it from me which surprised me. I continued to do that for awhile and eventually got that cat to like me! It didn't happen overnight but didn't take too long either.

    Maybe adopting a female cat or kitten would make Leo feel less threatened?

  3. Three months already? I know it seems like just yesterday for you. Well Leo is a love me from afar kind of cat I think with the Ranger as his exception to that rule. Have you thought about trying one of those toy cats that purr and move their head about to see if Leo would adapt to a new kitty love for you? Perhaps a female kitty might peak his compassionate interest. Hoping the best for you to be able to have a new kitty to love and pet. Hugs, A.

  4. *hugs* I think that was very sweet.

  5. Oh my gosh! I haven't been reading blogs much, but since you commented on mine I went ahead and clicked the link to see what you've been up to.
    I'm so sorry about Bing. I used to love to see the pics of him on your blog. You could totally see he had an amazing personality.
    Best wishes to you and your family.


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