Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Congratulations, Sergeant!

29 years ago, a new sergeant bought a pair of speakers in Germany for
his barracks room and marked the box with his name. Today, that
box and those speakers sit in our Ranger's barracks room...

Also today, our Ranger became a Sergeant too...
Congratulations, son. We are so very proud of you!
Rangers Lead the Way


  1. I loved coming home to your post, Janet, after spending last evening with my Sgt.! Congratulations to your Ranger!
    I've missed your posts; hope all is well. <3

  2. Without a doubt, a very well deserved promotion! Sincere congratulations to the new Sargeant.

    P.S. Can't believe that the box is still in the family, 29 years later ;)

  3. What a wonderful event this is for the Ranger as well as the family. To have the same box his Dad had 29years ago is unheard of. This is truly one for the record books. I know the Ranger has done his parents well with his service. He has done our country well also. Thanks Ranger for all you do to keep our country safe and my Sincere Congratulations to you and your family. Way to go Sgt.


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