Sunday, August 12, 2012

Romney-Ryan Campaign Stop in High Point, North Carolina!

 We got out of bed early on this Sunday morning to be nearly first
in line to see Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan speak in High Point...
Here are some photos from the event...
We all gathered at Absolute Style Furniture Factory
The campaign distributed signs; however, since we were front and
center in the third row, we were asked not to take signs because waving
them meant we'd block the view of the news cameras stationed behind us!  
There were a lot of them!
We heard from Dan Forrest, candidate for Lt. Governor first...
Then it was time to hear from Pat McCrory, candidate for NC Governor
He introduced Senator Richard Burr...
It's often said that politics is Hollywood/celebrity for ugly people...
However, that certainly doesn't appear to be the case in North Carolina politics!
Pretty soon we were told the Romney bus was pulling into the parking lot...
And that the crowd outside was well over 10,000!
Fortunately arriving four hours early saved us from the crowd-crush!
By the way, Absolute Style is owned by Melanie McNamara. You
can read more about her and her business here. She introduced...
Us to Mitt Romney!
And his wife, Ann and their youngest son, Craig...
And, Paul Ryan and his family too!
For all the talk of how detached he is, Mitt Romney
and his family could not have loved being with us more!
Paul Ryan gave a great speech...
He knows exactly what they're doing here!
We watched their spouses...
And their kids too...
When it was time for Mitt to speak, he was ready!
Fired up for the tough road ahead!
I enjoyed his message. Especially his appreciation for
the importance of keeping American businesses strong!
God willing...
We made eye contact today with the next leader of the free world!
If the energy at today's campaign stop is any indication...
Then I believe we did!
 From here it was off to Wisconsin...
Paul Ryan's home state!
We wished them safe travels and offered our thanks too...

This is a video from the event... Mom and dad, that's my ponytail
 at :51/:52 and my arms in the flag jacket at 1:44 and 1:52 and 2:04
When we popped out of the doors, the scene outside was very different...
From the quiet we enjoyed going in this morning...
There were people Everywhere!
Fortunately, we were parked just across
the street and were able to get out fast!

“Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.”
Ronald Reagan


  1. Just dropped you, don't want politics in my blog e-mails.

  2. No worries, Kerry. This was a huge event in our community so I make no apologies for covering it.

    I wish my life was all shopping, baking and gardening so as to keep you entertained... But the fact is, we have a son just about to deploy for the 4th time to Afghanistan; therefore, politics and who our leaders are or will be does matter.

    I am proud to say that I am a conservative. I believe in the Constitution. I believe all human beings are equal and deserving of equal protection under the Law. Including the unborn. I believe in personal responsibility and that the ideals this country was founded on must be preserved and is what makes this country the greatest country on earth. I disagree with those seeking to turn America into something that looks like just another socialist European country... I want service to this great country to matter and to be cherished and appreciated - Especially by those unwilling to do the same but who benefit from the sacrifice of those that do.

    You must be a recent follower because I've certainly mentioned politics before yesterday. Never in a way meant to upset or offend anyone - But in a way that is respectful and yet still says that as a mom and as an American, I will only support leaders who honor our veterans; work to end the war in Afghanistan to bring our sons and daughters home and that will work to keep Americans working, and America first and always sovereign.

    Because you don't want the same or disagree with me, it doesn't mean my opinions are any less valid. Nor should your disapproval of my blog content make me afraid to post whatever I want to,... wait for it... *MY* blog.

    I can't say I'll miss you since this was your first comment so I never knew that you followed me - However, one thing I do know for sure… There are plenty of other blogs available to keep you entertained by the fluffier details of life.

    As for me, I blog for myself and my family; not to attract or keep followers.

    “Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.”
    ― Ronald Reagan

  3. I an sorry to say that I will not following this blog any more. I do not support this candiate. I followed the blog for the adventures in the areas of crafting and shows info. But not for a candiate endorsement.

    Sorry but Keep Supporting Our Military.

    Barbara Ann

  4. Thank you, Barbara... However, I don't know how to turn off a part of my life just to please a certain kind of reader to my blog. I have a son that keeps going off to war - So to not care who is leading him would make me stupid. And, I cannot be stupid for you or anyone else.

    I'm sure there's a craft blog that needs your readership and I know that author will be darn lucky to have you. :)

  5. Janet, I loved this post! How awesome that you were able to be there! I also checked out the video and looked for your arm and ponytail. :)

    It is because of men like your son... my father... your father... my brother... my husband... many friends... my friends children and MANY others that we have the FREEDOM to say whatever we want. Especially on our own blog.

    I've been reading your blog for a looooong time and absolutely love it. It's too bad that someone would actually quit reading because they don't agree with something you said. If everybody did that, nobody would be reading ANY blogs! LOL! Heck, if I decided to quit talking to my relatives who think on the other side of politics than I do -- I'd be quite alone!

    (I was a little offended when another blog I read criticized small dogs and their "small dog mentality." As a small dog owner myself, I just cannot fathom someone not liking small dogs! I will continue to read their blog however.)

    Love your Reagan quote, too. I am totally using that as the footer in my emails from now on.


  6. All I can say is they must not have followed your blog very well. I've never seen comments from either one of them. To stop subscribing to a blog for their reasons is childish in my opinion. They don't know your life circumstances and they don't know what they think they know about polotics. If they did they would agree with you as any intelligent person would. The lies and money that bought our current president into office is something I found apalling before it even happened. Oprah Winfrey is the reason he became president and then.... well that's water under the bridge. I believe Mitt Romney will make a wonderful president and I will support him whole heartedly against any other man running. His character is far above that of his opponent in my opinion and I would trust him as our president which is more than I can say for the present one. If people want to leave your blog, then it's because they are acting childishly and we are in a grown up world where the freedom of speech is our right and on your blog it is your right to write what you will. I wish them well but they left for the wrong reason,and for that so be it. Live with your choice and mature a little more.
    Sorry Janet but I couldn't help myself. It makes me angry to see ignorance manifested this way. I'll never drop you for what you write. Try and have a great week. Thanks for the video link it was great.

  7. Thank you so very much for your kind words and the courage it took to leave your comment, Carolyn.

    I expected nothing less from a fellow military daughter, sister and wife. xo

    I guess I'm just old-school when it comes to what I watch on television and read on blogs - because instead of writing e-mails or posting crappy comments, I simply turn the channel or click close on the window. Frankly, I would much prefer the loyal opposition simply compliment my photos! :)

    Bottom line, I posted this for my parents and to document another happening in our lives being lived so far away from them. For so many years my dad and I went to vote together and I miss him, my mom and that very much... So when my mom and dad called to say that they LOVED the photos and that Romney and Ryan appear to look just like they do on their television at home and how cool they think it was that I made the effort to be there, that's all I needed.

    Nevertheless, finding YOUR comment this morning not only made my day but helped to restore my confidence in knowing that it is MORE than okay to stand up for what I believe!

    Additionally, I have to tell you... I love small dogs, and their owners, very much! ;)

  8. Oh, Alice... Thank you, dear friend. No need to ever apologize for what you believe and feel.

    And, you're right... What's going on in our world, (yesterday, today and tomorrow) demands that we pay close attention. As for me, I'm proud to stand watch with you, Carolyn and everyone else like you!


  9. Janet,
    I loved this post as well! I can't understand the other negative posts because all of us (hopefully) are much more than shoppers and bakers. I can't understand the mindset of anybody that is liberal but I do respect others enough to think they are entitled to their opinions.
    I know you love this country which your family has proudly served. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for people like you.


  10. I have always enjoyed your blog and LOVE you even more! Go Romney-Ryan 2012!
    LB from Sterling Heights, MI

  11. I enjoy your blog and LOVE you even more!
    Go Romney-Ryan 2012!

  12. I've discovered your blog in the last few months and enjoy it very much. Not much of a commenter, but want to let you know, I love your wholesome support of all things conservative, including politics. Christopher Hitchens, a liberal, once said, "There is no intolerance like liberal intolerance." My guess is the defectors over your harmless post are liberals. As Conservatives, we're used to disagreement and honor a respectfully posed point of view. BTW, my son, a Marine is presently serving in Afghanistan. God bless our sons, all the troops...and America!

  13. I just wanted to let you know that I greatly enjoy your blog. I love reading about your gardening, baking and decorating adventures. And I drool over every fun item you get for your home. I may not be conservative and I may not agree with Romney, but I will still continue to enjoy your blog. I feel the same about my blog- it is mine and my "safe" forum to share my ideas and thoughts.
    I truly believe that this nation is great because we do not all have to agree or think the same.
    I cannot wait to see beautiful fall pictures from your yard.

  14. I'll continue to read it too, but I'll skip those politics posts.

    And seriously, that other poster "Oprah Winfrey is the reason Obama is president"? you can't be serious.

    Greetings from Canada.

  15. First time I have seen your blog, and I will be a new subscriber!!! God Bless you. Politics is a HUGE part of our daily lives, so those who choose to ignore your posts amuse me.

    Keep up the great work.

    Silence is consent.

  16. Finally got around to reading this.
    YOU KNOW how I feel! ;)


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