Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Socks!

Time to wrap up my sock team cookie project I started last week!
First step... Royal icing! Since I went a little crazy with the cookie
dough and ended up with twice the amount of cookies I need for
the socks marketing team, I had to double my royal icing recipe...
Which is fine because I have yet to receive any complaints about bringing
too many cookies at work! That being said, Paleo is making the rounds at
my office so all that could change. By the way, if you're not baking cookies
in advance and freezing them, you're missing out on the best kept secret of
decorated sugar cookie making. Believe me, even small batches can beat you
to death if you try to mix, roll, bake and decorate all in the same day/weekend!
I stay happy and interested in my cookie creating by breaking up the steps
over several days or weeks... Now, I haven't quite gotten to the point where
I'm cutting out several different shapes at once but it's nice to know that I
could. Frozen cookies thaw to taste just like fresh baked - Even after being
on ice for a couple of months. This means I could have created autumn
leaves and/or pumpkins to decorate around Halloween. But I didn't
do it. This exercise had me totally focused on making happy socks!
Clean, white Hanes happy socks!
To help celebrate our Hanes socks marketing team!
They work really hard to ensure Hanes socks are the best socks!
And, as far as I'm concerned... They do and, the socks are!
I'm partial to Hanes low cut and no-show socks for every day...
But nothing beats Hanesbrands Champion socks in the gym!
Champion socks make the hours I spend in spin class so much better on my feet!
To jazz up my socks I decided to add a little disco dust! Of course...
I'm not sure this is what SpaBoy had in mind when he gave me
this beautiful brush to apply my favorite facial masque...
But seriously, can you think of another brush that
would have fit the heel on my sock cookies any better?
Now that my secret is out, I expect you to politely say nothing
about disco dust as it may or may not relate to my healthy glow!
Do rest assured that this was the first and only time the brush was used!
There are many things I love about Bridget's sock cookie design...
But my favorite is how simple it is!
You see, while I admire my friend Pam's cookie decorating work...
Just take a look at these as an example... Fact
is, I'm not much of a multiple colored icings girl!
So this design was perfect for me!
A little pink, a little blue, and tiny amounts of red and black is all I needed!
And, while I was a little tempted to use candy eyeballs
to cut on time corners a little, I stuck to the original plan!
And in the end, was rewarded for the extra effort of mixing up black icing!
I was a little nervous about the girl-eyes... I mean, the first few looked
more like lady socks of the evening. But I stuck with it and pretty soon...
They looked as innocent and as sweet as Bridget's girl socks!
It always amazes me how well these projects come together...
All the fuss and procrastinating I tend
to do in advance of the end result...
Always ends up being for not!
Because before I know it, my cookies turn out
better than I hoped and ready for packaging!
I decided to experiment with packaging a little this time... You see, I have
this amazing friend that keeps encouraging me to create my own tags!
She's a brilliant accountant but Stampin' Up is her hobby so she's always
recommending the coolest punches to me. Like this super-cute heart punch!
Here is the last punch I ordered from her after she sent me
this Easter card she made for me. Seeing it, I was totally inspired!
Because just like every other card she's sent me... This one purrs love too!
My friend suggested this punch might be a great substitute for the foil
stickers I order from Williams-Somona for use with my embosser...
And, as is usually the case...
She was right!
Of course, I'll need to invest in some better colored paper because all
I could find tonight was this random stationary. Which was clearly...
Not heavy enough! But that's okay... At least I got the punch out
and tried. I know my friend will be happy. After all, it only took
me two years! However, until I get the right paper I'm going to...
Stick with what I know to package up my socks...
Which is ribbons and bows!
It's a packaging method that never lets me down!
Granted, it's not the least expensive option...
But it's always a favorite of those receiving my cookies!
Seriously... How cute are these sock cookies?
Big thanks again to for the
special sock cookie cutter they created for me!
Because creating templates should be left to the experts!
Now all that's left is to get these socks to work tomorrow morning!
If I can manage it without any casualties...
I'll be very happy indeed!


  1. Awww.....thanks for the mention, Janet. You're the sweetest.

    And your cute sock cookies turned out fabulous!

    I love reading your blog. I always feel like I'm visiting with you at your house. Big hugs to you, my friend. :)

  2. I really looked forward to seeing the finished product, Janet. As usual, you did not disappoint; they are adorable!
    Your co-workers are a group of very lucky people. :)

  3. These are so cute Janet and I can imagine how the Sock Marketing Team went crazy over them. Love the added disco dust too ;)


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