Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hanesbrands!

Five years ago Hanes, a 100+ year old world-class, Best-in-Class apparel
brand spun off from parent company Sara Lee to become its own company,
Hanesbrands Inc. And, how fortunate am I to be part of it? Very fortunate!   
While our Chairman and CEO, Mr. Noll is always very quick to recognize the
contributions of the over 55,000 employees who call HbI their work family, I must
tell you that he and his brilliant executive team deserve tremendous credit for all
the hard work and tough decisions they've made to transform HbI into not only
a profitable company but also a company committed to being both socially and environmentally responsible. If I listed for you all of the incredibly innovative,
wonderful and overly generous things HbI has done and continues to do to better
the lives of individuals, whole communities and this planet, I'd be here all night!
So today was about celebrating a milestone, and our collective achievements...
There was music and dancing, and performances by the talented
There was cupcakes from Dewey's Bakery too!
Delicious cupcakes done in perfect HbI colors!
Yes, the very same Dewey's that did mom's birthday goodies for me last month
It was a gorgeous day for a party!
I've mentioned my job here before. I refer to it as, the Dream job, and it truly
is. Working at HbI is a blessing. I am challenged to think and to do beyond
what I imagine I'm capable of. I am rewarded for it beyond what I expect, and
because I was chosen to work there, I am able to fulfill lots of personal wishes,
support my favorite charity and be part of something that is much bigger, farther
reaching and very meaningful... Which also just happens to come along with producing
the best underwear, socks, bras, casualwear, fleece and sports apparel in the world!
Have you got your Hanes on?
Happy Birthday Hanesbrands and Congratulations... Well done!

Special thanks to Mr. Noll for beginning our celebration today with his heart-felt recognition of our Troops, and a moment of silence in remembrance of those lost in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

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  1. I've seen your office before and remember the big windows that you had. I had never seen the outside of your workplace before, nor the grounds. The Hanes building is beautiful and the grounds are spectacular. To be able to drive up to this every workday, to walk into such a lovely building and then be able to perform with/for a wonderful organization with such great leadership, what a pleasure! Happy 5th anniversary to you and your caring company.


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