Monday, September 5, 2011

Hillsville Labor Day Treasure Pick Up!

I said we would not be returning to Hillsville after spending day one and
day two of our Labor Day weekend there at the annual flea market and
antiques festival... And yesterday, we didn't. However, when heavy rain
parked over the pool this afternoon we decided to take a ride! I'd seen a
set of English flatware on day one that I just couldn't get out of my head.
And, I said that if it was still there on day two, it was meant for me. Well,
it was still there on day two, but the dealer's price still seemed crazy so
I walked again. Then yesterday I thought that if we did go back today
and it was still there, then it would really be meant for me. Well...
Apparently, it was meant for me! Now, if you're wondering why there are no
spoons or why this set has two nut crackers, don't. Because this an English
fish serving set! I'm going to research the hallmarks and numbers, and if it
appears there is money to be made, I may consider reselling it. Now, on
Friday the dealer was asking $475, on Saturday he was asking $350, and
since I wasn't there, I can't be sure what he was asking for it yesterday...
But today he said he would take $150 for it. Which,
coincidently was the number I had in mind on day one!
As I was mulling his offer, I noticed this cute little bracelet in one of his other
display cases... It's sterling and the puffy heart is covered in rubies. I told the
dealer I'd pay his price for the fish set if he agreed to throw in the bracelet!
And, he did!
So... Hillsville fun is over now and it's back to work tomorrow. Back to the gym, and
my usual routine now that summer hours are over and we're back to working our
normal hours and on Fridays again. I'm actually looking forward to it. Fall is my
favorite season in North Carolina... Next to Spring, and winter when it snows, and
summer when the pool temperature is exactly 84 degrees. So, happy Fall to you! 


  1. Love your wheeling/dealing! And the set and bracelet are gorgeous!

  2. Just finished reading all your weekend posts. That Hillsboro flea market is astounding and it amazes me that you can find all the beautiful things that you in the midst of all of it. You have the heart of a true treasure hunter and your patience and keen eye never seem to let you down. Your keen bartering abilities are a great asset as well. There is certainly no lack of interesting and intriguing *conversation pieces* in your home and visiting it would be an enchanting history lesson of such variety. Have a great week.

  3. Sneaking back here to read more about on your *photography and camera* posts and realized I called Hillsville, Hillsboro. So sorry. I really do read what you write...retaining it is another matter:)


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