Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer-time Dinner

After reading about this Summer Corn Cake recipe at Rebecca's blog the other
day, I knew it would be making an appearance on our dinner table this weekend!
Because the man I love, Loves fresh, summer corn.
And corn cake, just like cornbread, screams his name!
This recipe came together in no time! Although, after being in the kitchen
all day, I couldn't be bothered with dragging out the food processor to
process the corn. Instead, I used my manual chopper from Pampered Chef!
And, it worked out just fine!
Wait until you see the salsa that goes with these corn cakes...
It's what pushed me over the edge and caused me to copy the recipe to bring home!
I have a feeling I'll be using the left over batter to make
more corn cakes on Sunday for his Father's Day dinner!
I'm telling you... It's this tomato and avocado salsa
that really makes these corn cakes sing for me!
Of course, when I make it again on Sunday I will remember to add the cilantro!
Because only cilantro could make this salsa better!
This makes a beautiful meal... Or in our case, a beautiful appetizer!
By the way... Remember those potatoes he
dug up from our garden this morning?
I'm going to smash and bake them! I've been waiting three
years to try this recipe featured on Pioneer Woman's blog!
And today... His lovely potatoes are screaming for it! So... First the Smash!
Now the butter, sea salt and cracked black pepper!
And, then... The 450 degree bake for 20 minutes!
For me, this needs nothing more than a fork!
But once again, for the second time this week, he asked for a pork chop!
Fortunately, I still had one hanging around!
So I grilled it up and served it with my hot crash potatoes from his garden!
And to thank me... He raved about my corn cake
appetizer and this dinner all the way 'til bedtime!
Happy Father's Day Weekend!


  1. The corn cakes with salsa look soo good!!! I am adding them to my Father's Day Menu!! Thanks for a great recipe.

  2. With a pork chop that looks that good, I'd be asking for them twice in one week too!

    We are heading to my in-laws for father's day tomorrow to grill and to make homemade vanilla ice cream.

    Happy Father's Day to Terry!

  3. Terry is a very lucky man, you do take very good care of him. I'm sure he is enjoying a wonderful Father's Day today and very much looking forward to dinner again! All the best :)

  4. OMG those corn cakes look crazy good. I must make those asap. Of course I think it would take up my entire calorie allotment for the day, but they look totally worth it!

  5. I made the potatoes with small red potatoes from a local farm, olive oil and fresh chives...TO DIE could just eat them right off the baking sheet. So easy, but looked and tasted amazing!!

    Thanks for sharing


  6. Wow how did I miss this blog?? Mmmmm I will definitely try these! Looks delish.


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