Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday... Yea!

 Look who I found lounging by the pool this evening!
 Looks like he's been supervising all the
work that's been going on around here today!
 I see that the lawns have all been mowed and trimmed...
 The gardens and potted plants have all been watered... And, it
appears that someone refreshed the mulch in all the beds too!
 Because momma bear, poppa bear and
baby bear need their beds to be just right!
 Everything in the garden looks fantastic!
 This is where you'll find us all weekend...
 Speaking of weekends... This was my last Friday at work until Labor Day!
 The list of things I love about my job is very, very long...
 But near the top of my list is Summer-hours. It means a little longer day for four
days a week. However, that minor inconvenience barely crosses my mind at all
during the 13, three-day weekends! More time to enjoy this view is a good thing... 
 A very good thing!
Happy Summer-time!


  1. Your yards are incredibly beautiful. I just know I am going to see them in a magazine one day. Your yard man is to be commended for his good work.

  2. Janet!!!
    Your yard is MAGICAL!
    Your GARDENER ;) is THE BOMB!!!!
    Bing is my kind of KITTY!
    Your so LOVELY!
    Just like YOU!
    Wow~zee on SUMMER with 3~day weekends!
    LOts of POOL time!!!!!!!!
    You are one LUCKY lucky lady!
    ANd I owe you a lonnnnnng email!

  3. Perhaps by mid summer Bing may venture into the floater in the pool! How nice to have extended long weekends until Labour Day...and with the beautiful grounds you have to enjoy...who needs a vacation away from home in the summer?!

  4. Hi Janet!
    Oh this is the best back yard I've ever seen!
    It's soooo summery ~ relaxing and ahhhh the bluebirds!
    Wishing you more beautiful summery moments!
    ps. Enjoying the book over and over!
    Looking to order some for family :o)

  5. I have such envy when I look at your yard. It is just lovely. We watched the movie this very weekend and laughed because for years we have had pink plastic flamingos in our yard. I gave them to hubby as a wedding gift and he puts them out every year. it is such a wonderful private laugh between us and show he loves me even if the words get lost in the shuffle of everyday life.

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was scrolling around here the other night, but didn't have time to leave an actual comment. I have to say, I LOVE you yard, and your MINI (we had to get rid of ours last year in lieu of a Subaru for VT), but I mostly love looking at Bing! He's gorgeous.
    I remember loving the pics of Bing with your son last year (sheesh, maybe it was even longer!!) Looks like all is well with you, I'm super envious of your yard...and pool!


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