Saturday, June 11, 2011

Goat Cheese Biscuits

The moment I read about this recipe for Art Smith's Goat
Cheese Biscuits on Lizzy's blog last week I knew they'd
be making an appearance on our dinner table this weekend!
 I've never attempted biscuits before... Never felt the desire to go through all the
effort to mix, knead, roll and cut out biscuits when I could just grab one of
those whack-a-tube things and pop out biscuits in less than 12 minutes! 
 But we're talking goat cheese here! And... We're talking one-bowl, drop biscuits!
 As in no flour all over the counter top...
And, no rolling pin required!
Which is my kind of biscuit! 
This is one great smelling biscuit too! 
Better make sure your dinner is ready to plate
the moment these biscuits come out of the oven...
Because you'll want to eat them warm, and right away!
These are tender, soft and fluffy little biscuits!
But before they're really ready, they need
a little sprinkle of grated Parmesan!
Originally I planned to have a baked potato for dinner, but
I know exactly what a perfect, savory biscuit like this needs!
See the dots of goat cheese in there... And the air pockets? This calls for butter!
Of course, only one of us loves my Pesto... The other one of us
requested a baked sweet potato with brown sugar and cinnamon!
Which is fine. He's welcome to enjoy my biscuits
accompanied by a grilled pork chop and sweet potato...
But me... I'm sticking with my Pesto and chicken!
Try these biscuits... They're fantastic!


  1. OMGosh!! That dinner looks fabulous!! I just know if we lived closer to each other we would be BFF's and I would be at your house ALL the time!

  2. oh yes I LOVE biscuits!!! Goat cheese mmm....yummy!!! Dinner looks so good, I almost got in my car and headed over. LOL!!!!!

  3. The pesto and chicken would be my choice as well. Those biscuits are just screaming *eat me, I'm delicious*

  4. oh wow. I make biscuits every year for our Hoe Down, but maybe I'll make a bunch of different flavors this year and include this goat cheese one, it looks and sounds delicious!!

  5. I can't have goat cheese at the moment so these will have to wait til September, but they look incredibly light and favorful. I can see them now stuffed with pesto, tomatoes and turkey as a little sandwich. yum!


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