Saturday, June 4, 2011

Featherstone Flamingos together by the Pool!

So we were relaxing by the pool after our swim, talking about
the super-cute film we saw last night, Gnomeo and Juliet
When the man I love remembered the Flamingo pair given to us by
our dear friend, Paula just before she relocated to Texas last month
 If you've seen Gnomeo and Juliet, then you'll get why this is sweet...
If not, you're probably thinking white-trash!
But trust me... The enthusiastic flamingo, Featherstone is the most memorable
thing about the film. And the love-story involving him and the sweet
little flamingo he lost, and why they became separated, was a tear-jerker!
So today, Paula's pink flamingo pair made it out to the pool...
Where we hope they'll live Happily-ever-after!
Speaking of happy... The blue bird pair are still very busy tending their nest!
And I'm happy today because someone finally
installed an outlet for my fountain on the deck!
There's a frog living inside and the funniest
thing is the loud echo his ribbitts make!
I hope you're Enjoying your weekend!


  1. You're WORLD....PARADISE!
    Your LEG....STRONG~SEXY~KILLER shape...and WOW!!!!!!

  2. Who wouldn't be happy in that beautiful place. You do know they have a tendency to multiply right (jk) Love your pool and area. Your water feature has me chomping at the bit to replace the pump in my large pond pot.

  3. looks like paradise to me!
    Haven't seen the movie,but I just put it on my list. Pretty blue bird and I love your birdhouse!

  4. I haven't seen the movie yet but I do see your gorgeous tan! Lucky lady. Glad that the *forgotten flamingos made it poolside. I think they look great.

    P.S. That *paradise* stone couldn't be anymore appropriate!

  5. I adore the flamingos! My mom and I were looking through your gorgeous photos last night and admiring what a lovely home/garden/pool you have, but also, the great taste that you have in making it into your own home! (Also, look at your thin leg - hurray for fantastic results with your healthy eating/exercise!)

    xo, Megan

  6. What a lovely looking pool and yard you have. White trash...hardly! I love the flamingo's! Nice touch to a very pretty area. Enjoy your summer!

  7. There's a garden center here on a hilltop that sells the pink flamingos and their lot is covered in them. I think they're fun! In the winter they replace the flamingos with penguins. LOVE.


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