Sunday, May 8, 2011

William's big Mother's day weekend!

On Saturday, William served as groomsman for his friend
Zach's wedding. Here he and Julie are with the proud groom!
Before you say it. Yes... We have had the haircut talk. Many times! And, this
is quite nearly the same look I get in response to my offer to buy haircuts!
Nevertheless, we wish Zach and his beautiful bride all the
very best. And, we thank Zach for his service to our country!
After the Groom-Crew killed it, per William... It was time for
Mother's Day, and a performance with the band William plays with
at the annual Spring show held at, One-Way Antiques in King!
But this time, it wasn't only about the beautiful gardens they have...

Or the wonderful plant specimens...

Or about the many things I would love to drag home to enjoy in our own gardens...
It wasn't even about the interesting plants and trees available to buy...
Nope! On this visit, it was all about getting to hear William and the band play!
All those years, (and dollars) he focused on mastering the acoustic and
electric guitars, I was surprised to see William playing hand percussion

But I wasn't at all surprised by how well he played!
Just another thing to add to the list of things William does well!
After William and the band finished, I did a little shopping with
the artisans at the show. There were so many fun things to buy!

So I picked up this super-cute, mouth-blown glass vase. I love the
way it appears to float in the window above the sink in my kitchen!

It's my, to-me-from-me Mother's Day gift!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Janet!!! You certainly have a lot to be proud of!!

    and I LOOOOVE that little vase!!!

  2. What a lovely place to get married! The bride and groom make a beautiful couple and William looked very handsome (hair and all!) When you are rocking it in a cool band like that you just have to have the hair to go with it Mom!

  3. I just love this post. William seems like a very talented young man. It's great to learn more about him! He cleans up well too!

  4. William's hair seems to fare well with his musical talents:)


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