Friday, May 20, 2011

A garden stroll, and a Bet won!

I've waited all day for this view...
And it didn't let me down!

I see that someone was very busy today! The pool is sparkling...  
The lawns are mowed, and looking quite beautiful...
So while Pool-boy is busy with a little bet-payback, I think I'll take a stroll and
admire his gardens. By the way, I never get tired of saying gardens... As in plural!
Because we do indeed have more than one!
Which is fine as long as I never have to ride the mower!
I especially like the words, many and much as they pertain to garden property... 
It beats the heck out of sharing a fence with five different neighbors!
I loved our California home... But been there, done that!  
I've decided I prefer to let shrubbery determine the boundaries!
Shrubbery of the very colorful variety!
Hard to believe we bought these in one-gallon containers just a few years ago!
So much better than fences!
I know you agree!
Cousin It is flushing new growth right now... Hard to believe we could wheel
him around in a wheelbarrow a few years ago. We parked the wheelbarrow in
different places around the yards before deciding this was the perfect spot!
Speaking of perfect spots...
These Japanese maple trees he planted last year are Loving this area of the gardens!
Again with the plural!
The dogwood tree by the pool equipment shed bloomed this week!   
It's fabulous!
Fabulously Pink!
Speaking of fabulous... I have to tell you about this car wash I just won!
Hand-washed. And, not by me this time! Oh no... This is the result of a bet
I won. You see, he said I'd get a speeding ticket within the first 90 days...
And, I said I wouldn't be caught speed. So we bet on it...
And, I won! And, he... He didn't miss a spot!
Wishing you a perfectly happy and relaxing weekend!


  1. Kathy (from Long Island)May 21, 2011 at 7:02 AM

    Hi this post and seeing your lovely backyard! The weather on Long Island hasn't been very cooperative lately, but I'm off to work in my gardens and mow the grass myself today! I'm also trying to give all the mama and baby birds in the yard their space although I am frequently dive-bombed by mama robin...even though I give her a healthy helping of mealworms daily! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!!

  2. WoooooW NICE car!
    Janet, you have the prettiest yard I've seen in blogland! and now...
    that pool!
    You will have a wonderful summer ~ I can just tell ;o)

    I'm glad you won your bet! How FUN!
    ps. years ago, my kids made me put $1 {for every time they caught me speeding} in the "giving box" we kept on the counter during Lent.
    It was the best donation that year!
    pss. I'm better now ;o)

  3. It made my day to see your beautiful gardens and glistening pool. Cousin It looks right at home in that spot. I think HGTV should do a show about your home and gardens as it is a beautiful place and would inspire others to do more in their yards. Enjoy your rides in that squeaky clean little beauty. Lpve it.

  4. Never get tired of visiting you and your beautiful gardens and property. Congrats on the bet win. Still jealous of your car and can't believe your parked it on that gorgeous lawn!

  5. Yeah I was wondering how the parking in the yard went over with Mr. Master Gardener? lol Mr. Bingster is looking very cute and happy out on the deck. You know how much I love your yard, it is so beautiful! Whats the temp in your pool?


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