Saturday, May 14, 2011

Every princess wedding needs a castle...

We were delighted to share in their joy...
And, to join in their fun at Castle McCulloch afterward!
It rained all day. Right up until the moment
the bride and groom left the Church!
Then it became just a lovely evening for an outdoor party!
So we partied! 
In very good company!
It was very romantic...
 I hardly felt married twenty-five years...
And, that's the sign of a great wedding... A wedding where the bride and groom's
affection for each other is contagious and becomes something everyone present feels
It was a little magical...
Which is exactly what I expected!


  1. Looks like a beautiful event! I love that it's not what you typically see in weddings. Unique and lovely!

  2. How spectacular! Looks like something out of Robin Hood. Very magical indeed!

  3. It looked as every bit as magical as I'm sure it was. So nice that the rain stopped although I doubt it could have put a damper on anything!

  4. What a unique and gorgeous wedding! How beautiful! Elegant and fun! May they have a blessed life together!

  5. Wow, Janet!
    It was a magical day indeed!
    I remember those cookies too... pretty magical on their own ;o)

    I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves!
    Have a happy week too!

  6. What a gorgeous setting for a wedding! Beautiful cake too:)

  7. Omg I know where I want to have my wedding when I get married! Amazing!

  8. What a stunning place for a wedding. It's so dreamy!


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