Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Progress...

Just as sure as daffodils follow the crocus of late winter, and tulips follow early
spring daffodils, roses are next in the garden line-up as early summer begins!
 All of our trees are leafed out now, giving us perfect privacy on all sides
And, look! There are other signs of Spring progress...
 Because the azalea blossoms have been replaced by the peonies!
 I so l-o-v-e peonies!
 I see these beauties in a vase tomorrow!
 In fact, I see lots of beautiful things to fill vases with tomorrow!
Why is there a Mini Cooper Clubman in our driveway? No... I would never give up
my sweet convertible! This is just a loaner while my Mini is being repaired. You
see, while washing it a couple of weeks ago I noticed that the rear bumper didn't
quite line up on the driver's side the way it lines up perfectly on the passenger
side. Something, only I would notice I was told... Nevertheless, it was confirmed
that my bumper is out of alignment so the dealership is taking care of it. And,
while they take care of it, I get to zip around in this. It's very cute! However, it
confirms that for me, a convertible is the only way to own a Mini Cooper!
Look what I did today! I bought Bing a leash and a harness so that he can join
us outside on the deck instead of being cooped-up in the solarium all alone
First, we tried the collar I also bought... But that didn't go over very well!
The harness took a little getting used to, but I think
that Mr. Bing really enjoys being out here with us!
There are so many birdies and bees and sounds and smells out here!
And, this darn leash that, (thankfully) won't let him chase down any of them!
A lesson in boundaries... That's what this is!
So while dad waters his veg garden, Bing pokes his nose into the potted plants
 And nibbles a little...
I think this is going to work out just fine!
 The plan is to spend the whole day out here tomorrow
 And it's nice to know that Bing will be able to join us!
While Bing explores the limits of his leash, I'm going to take a walk around
the garden. And, the first thing I see... The pond iris has bloomed today! 
I think it's lovely! 
Oh, by the way... 
It's Mother's Day weekend, which means the azaleas on the side of the house... 
Are at their peak bloominess!
For today, Bloominess shall be a word!
The wisteria confirms it...
A few hundred bloomies over!
I'm back to the deck after my walk about the garden, and what do I see?
Someone in my chair, looking at me!
Someone sweet as he can be!
Looks like we may have to add a third chair to the deck tomorrow...
Huh, Bing?
Because we won't both fit in my chair, and you deserve your own comfy spot any way!
Guess whose having home-grown broccoli for dinner tonight?
Doesn't get any sweeter or more Organic than this!
Whole Foods has nothing on my personal organic farmer!
Speaking of my farmer-gardener... Just look at his climbing roses!
This is exactly the reason why...
When we replaced all of the windows in this house...
I said, let's leave the grid panels out!
Because I so prefer an unobstructed view!
Don't you?
My view makes standing at the sink a real treat!
Speaking of treats...
Tossed with a little unsalted butter and sea salt...
And it's home-grown broccoli time!


  1. Your yard looks so pretty!
    Bing is so cute, we have an indoor cat that we now let out on the back patio, he doesn't wander far, we had him micro-chipped and he has a name collar on with out phone number, if he did get curious. He hasn't in 4 years that we've let him out his will be 8 in July. He likes the ability to go out, lay in the sun. But once the door opens he's right behind up coming in :) I'm sure Bing love it!
    Hope you have a relaxing Mother's Day!

  2. I'm just trying to catch up on my favorite blogs; I have been out of commission for awhile. This whole post is LOVELY! It just inspires me. On so many levels. And I'm amazed you have broccoli already!!! Where do you live?

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. What a beautiful blooming garden.
    Your husband is so talented with gardening. Happy Mother's Day, Janet.
    AL from Calif

  4. You truly have the soul of a gardener! It's no surprise that Mr. Bing loves being out of doors and taking in all the wonderful sights, smells and sounds.
    My daughter has a cat and a rabbit and both of them go out of doors on their little harnesses.
    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. Oh, I love Bing on the leash! Our kitties would love to be out "smelling" things! :)

    And the PEONIES! Oh, my heart be still.

  6. So beautiful, no wonder Bing loves it out there! He'll really love it when he get his own chair:)

  7. Oh Janet. Your garden is breathtaking. I'm so glad precious Bing gets to enjoy it with you. Your homegrown broccoli looks to die for to. Such a beautiful life!!

  8. Your garden is exquisite! You are so far ahead of us up here in Boston. Do you feed your peonies? If so, when and with what? I'm intrigued.


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