Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday President Nixon... And, to me!
I have everything a girl dreams of having at my age... Health. Plus the benefit of two
very happy and healthy parents, the love of a fine man, two handsome, healthy
and spoiled, but always grateful sons, a fantastic job, and certainly more
friends than I deserve! Remember when we thought 45 was old? HA!


  1. I laughed when I saw the bassinet card from the hospital-mine looks just like that. Well, with different info......

  2. Happy Birthday to a fellow Capricorn!

  3. Thank you all!!

    And, Tami... Isn't it fun!!!??? And, why oh why was the space for sex left blank!? I know the card is pink... But you would think they'd fill that out!


  4. You're sexless? ha ha ha!

    Hope you have a gret day Janet. Happy Birthday!

    nice bag!

  5. Happy Birthday Janet!! You were a long skinny one!!!

  6. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to one of my FAVORITEs!
    You my dear are such a SHINING STAR in this world!
    How completely adorable is that birth certificate!
    This world is such a BETTER place to be with YOU shining bright within it!
    I love your new red purse!
    I love everything about YOU!!!!!!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day and all the best for a beautiful year. I love your handbag (s).

    The date on your hospital bassinette card is really making me feel old now :(

  8. Happy belated birthday my dear friend. I'm so glad that God put you on this planet because he gave me a gift of a good friend when he did it. May this year bring many blessings and moments of joy. Much love!


  9. Happy Birthday Janet!
    Oh you were a wee little baby! Six lbs!
    God gave the world a wonderful blessing in you!
    *wishing you a great year ahead*

  10. Happy belated birthday, Janet!!! :)


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