Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Estate Auction of 2011!

We attended the first monthly Estate auction of 2011 in Wilkesboro today! 
 Because we find rummaging through dead people's stuff fascinating!
Each piece and every collection tells a story, and you cannot help but
wonder who bought it, why and about how they might have enjoyed it
Apparently this person had a thing for weapons! I would say, guns; however,
the man I love tells me that anyone that has ever been in front of a drill
sergeant knows that these are not guns, they are in fact, weapons!
And, these weapons sold faster than pancakes at the IHop!
See what I mean about fascinating? It's not every day
one sees a 200+ year old, hand-forged Arabian flint lock!
Of course, as I looked over this collection, I couldn't help but notice
the stained glass table lamp you see behind the rack on the right
It was just too pretty not to drag home!
The shade is perfect, and the base weighs a ton!
And, I love it!
This is how I spent my Christmas-gift money... Thank you, Mom and Dad!
There was just something about this writing desk... Inside, the maker's
mark says Philadelphia, and it's dated 1882. It reminded me of a writing
desk we saw at Biltmore house... It sits in the middle of a big, beautiful
room where we were told Mrs. Vanderbilt would sit to plan her day...
Perhaps when tours are held here, the guides will say
this is where Mrs. Cooper-Bridge planned her day - Ha!
  But seriously, there's a lot to Love here...
 The lines, the leather inlay, the lift-top and original key with tassel...
 But the little Fence and front detail are my favorites!
Buying vintage... It's my contribution to the global Recycling effort!


  1. Hi Janet!
    Oh you always find the grandest things!
    I love your new lamp!
    it is sooo late here on the east coast, but I'm enjoying visiting you and all my blog friends...
    catching up with a cuppa tea!
    Your sons look wonderfully happy ~ I was thinking of you yesterday while talking with my brother's sister-in-law whose son is at Fort Hood right now...

    Your cat looks sooo happy to be home!
    love the room and the comforter too!

    Your San Fransisco post is awesome! Look at those stores! Tiffany's ! Wow... someday I'll stop in there while visiting NYC. My daughter just loves browsing at Tiffany's and says that they are sooo nice there. They once let her try on a really expensive diamond ring. She was so impresses since she was only in her early 20's and wearing jeans...

    May 2011 bring you much peace, joy and hope... keeping all in the comfort of His arms. ~ blessings always~

  2. So beautiful, your new treasures and your home. I love when I get a glimpse of how wonderful you decorate!

  3. That lamp is beautiful and the base doubles as a weapon. Ha! It's two for the price of one!


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