Friday, January 1, 2010

Birthday goodies for Me!

It's still a bit early, but I couldn't resist picking
up a few, To-me, From-me birthday gifts yesterday

Because darn that Williams-Sonoma, they put
out the new Spring colors right after Christmas!

And boy... I'm a real sucker for new Spring anything!

Although the spring goodies had my Full attention, I spent a fair amount
of time browsing the Clearance tables too - Where I found this...

Isn't it great? I see it decorated as a Christmas candle
or perhaps as a Birthday candle set atop a special cake!

The possibilities are Endless!

The real reason for my visit to Williams-Sonoma yesterday,
(as if I need one) was to buy up whatever Peppermint Bark they had
left. You see, one of my favorite people in the whole world Loves
this stuff! So when I heard that the Monterey store was already
sold out, I sprang into action! On the agenda for tomorrow
morning is to mail Peppermint bark and Snow-globe cookies!


  1. I'm going to WS tomorrow and I can't wait!!!

    I got an anniversary bundt that needs to be exchanged because it has bubbles in it and I bought some towels online that I don't love the color of. So I get to go shopping again. woo hoo! I could spend all day in there.

    When is your birthday?

    BTW, did you know that you can buy the glass Pyrex bowls to your mixer separately...and it comes with a lid?! You can get them on Amazon for $70. I may have to get one for my mixer!

    Hope you're having a wonderful new year!

  2. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh!
    What delightful finds Janet!
    Greg could eat a whole tin of that Peppermint Bark!
    And the Spring towels are just is your HOME!
    I want to come and visit!
    You do live in North Carolina right?
    Every summer...growing up...til I graduated high school...I went to camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Blackmountain to be exact.
    The camp was called BLue Ridge!
    Also adore the little village of Cashiers...and Highlands...and Brevard!
    Oh...and The Grove Park Inn!
    Ring any bells?

  3. Oh, I HAVE to get myself to WS and pronto...before all the good bargains are gone!!!

    Happy, happy (early) birthday!!!


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