Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year auction Finds!

Attended the first auction of the New Year at Great State Auction company
They're a really neat, Fun group of people and we are always entertained!
This collection of more than 350-pieces of Granite and enamelware
was a life-long collection of one woman's estate. See that lot
collection of white Enamelware there under the table? 

It was a must have for This piece because I loved the shape!

By the time the lot-box of white Enamelware made it up to the block this cutie
was added to it. It's an old enamelware Percolator so the top is glass. I
knew it would look great here in my kitchen cabinet amongst my Jadite

Look at all the Pieces to this old coffee pot!

These are the other three Pots in that box-lot of white enamelware...
However, since I don't much care for them, I probably won't Keep them

Although this one Speaks to me just a little... Must be the green!

This was part of a box-lot of Wooden rolling pins I was after...

The glass is in Perfect condition! It also appears never to have been
used or opened. It contains Baking Powder. Since it's from the
30's, I doubt I'll be using the baking powder - but the Pin is cute!

I had no choice but to take this Graniteware roaster home with
me since all the white Enamelware pots and the green percolator
was sitting it it. I won't be Roasting anything in it. But...

I might use it as a Serving tray to take drinks out to the pool. Or... I
could see planting it up with Herbs to keep next to the grill on the deck

At the end of the auction everyone still at the gallery was Invited to
grab three of the remaining Items they wanted put up for bids. I
grabbed this sweet little Soap dish left from the coffee pot estate 

It's stamped, Germany so it was a must-have!

Especially since it's the perfect size for Piggy to sit next to my sink!

I'd been watching this Copper box all day but didn't know what it
was, besides a Copper box in Fantastic condition. Turns out, it's an
antique copper Boiler used in canning years ago. The auctioneer said
larger copper boilers were used in laundry cleaning. Who knew?
Initially I thought I'd bust out the copper Polish, but after
I got it home and had a chance to think about it, I've
decided this old Patina adds something to it!

This was the second item I grabbed in the you-Pick-three...

I've seen similar Salt boxes in worse condition at antique
shops priced $60! I was high bidder on this one for only $15!

This is the last of my Auction finds and I'm so glad I was
high bidder on it. It's the perfect replacement for that Ugly
patriot lamp he brought into our Den a few months ago

There is also a copper Cherub weather vane we picked up; however,
I'll have to show that to you another day... It's way too cold out in the
garage to take a Photo of it today. And besides, Dallas is about to play!


  1. Oh my God!!!! I wish there was some auctions like that one here!!!! the enamelware is beautiful...

    I love the rollin pin.....and that soap dish....and the percolators!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing


  2. I can't say that I've ever seen a baking soda rolling pin but I think it's so cool. I want one!

    Oh and that soap dish- lovely. The pig soap makes it!

  3. I love the copper canning/laundry pot. It is gorgeous! Hubby makes me stay away from estate sales-our house is busting at the seems and when we sell, we will be downsizing for just the two of us :)

  4. Okay!
    It is 11:40 here!
    I know...I need to be up in bed with Greg right?
    But instead I am downstairs oooooohing and aaaaaawing over all of those UNIQUE enamel pieces! hit the jackpot as far as I'm concerned!
    Oh how I adore the coffee pot with all of the pieces...and the little soap dish...and the little vintage green kettle with glass top!
    Oh my gosh!
    I want to come to your house and just peek about for hours!
    How often do you get to go to that thrilling auction?
    So fab!


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