Sunday, January 24, 2010

For Monica...

Thanks for your sweet Comment... If you loved those
bunny soaps on ropes I picked up yesterday, then I'll show
you this one too... It's a Rubber Ducky soap on a rope!

I bought up all they had at Home Goods last spring and have been
giving them away to Friends with little kids all year. Sadly, this is
the last one I have left - And, he's headed into my Shower today!

I found these at Home Goods yesterday too. I'm always on the look-out
for Girlie birthday or Hostess gifts, and these fit the bill perfectly! Not
only is the packaging Beautiful, which means I can just slip them into
a Gift bag with a piece or two of tissue paper to wrap, the Green
Tea scent is just heaven! In this box we have bath salts...

And this is green tea Liquid soap. Perfect
next to the kitchen or Guest bathroom sink!

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  1. Yes the rubber ducky is precious. I had a little white chocolate duck I bought several years ago and never ate because it was too cute. ha ha!

    Thanks for sharing your goodies with me. I almost feel like I went shopping with you and didn't spend any money :-)


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