Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, Martha!

Ever since Thanksgiving, when my December issue of Martha Stewart's
Living magazine arrived and I first saw her 1950's Evergleam Pom-Pom
aluminum tree, I've been searching for one of my Very own! Turns out,
they're not that easy to find. Knowing Martha, she probably ordered
reinstatement of Production at the Aluminum Specialty Company in
Manitowoc, Wisconsin, which stopped producing them in 1969...

Fortunately, for those of us with Less influence, there's e-Bay!

I have exactly ten months to amass a Collection of pink mercury
glass ornaments like Martha has to complete my vision of owning
a tree just like hers... And that's exactly what I'm going to do!

However, I must say these sweet little Teal numbers I
picked up last weekend in the gift shop at Callaway Gardens
look great on my aluminum Tree, and they make me smile...

Speaking of sweet things that make me Smile... I give you this...


And this!


  1. My MIL has some old crackly pink mercury ornaments. I inherited the avocado green ones :-)

    Your tree is so sparkly and I can't wait that long to see it fully decorated.

    What a handsome boy.

  2. OMIGOSH I love that tree! What a great idea. I need to now search ebay! I NEED this.... This could be my new favorite holiday decoration......

    Uh oh.....Hunk's pocket book just screamed.

    Thanks for sharing!


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