Saturday, March 29, 2008

We were just Going out for Koi food!

On our way to pick up food for our koi this morning we found a flyer announcing an estate sale so we made a slight detour. Unfortunately, there were lots of dealers present so just about everything I wanted was driven up close to retail before they would let me have it. Still, the Roseville pottery I got is below book price, all the glass pieces I got are perfect and my ending bids were all less than prices I've seen for similar items in the local antique stores. And, when I think of what I would have paid in Carmel or Monterey, I feel really good! And, you know what they say... A piece is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it - And, if you love it you didn't overpay no matter what the price. 

My better half picked up a walnut rocker (where it fits into the house is anyone's guess), a vintage brass fire extinguisher and a lot of garden tools; nothing I needed or wanted but I couldn't very well have all the fun! I love my finds but still cannot believe a trip to pick up a $27.00 bag of koi food ended up being a $590 day. 

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  1. lol..nice Roseville piece.. this happens to me all the time... the impulse purchase...i can't resist browsing


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