Saturday, March 29, 2008


Silkie Hen
Silkie Babies - Lots of them!
What a neat surprise to find chickens where we buy our pond supplies and koi food. Marsha, of Marsha's Koi now has chickens! She may sell a few later in the summer, she said but the Silkies are her babies and therefore will not be for sale. I've never held a chick or touched a chicken (that wasn't on its way to being a dish) so this was a real treat. I cannot wait to have a few. Have you seen the price of eggs lately? Speaking of - Marsha gave me a carton of 18 eggs - four of them are blue and the rest are brown. Breakfast tomorrow will be interesting since I've never eaten an egg that skipped the trip to the market before. Any way, I want three hens, and plan to name them for First Ladies - Pat (Nixon), Nancy (Reagan) and Mamie (Eisenhower). As beautiful as Marsha's rooster is, I don't think our neighbors would appreciate it so no rooster for me. Now all I need is a chicken coop! Maybe I should use the, "If you loved me" line. Hum...

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